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Final Step - Cash Out Your Profit


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  1. Use our Odds Matcher to find a suitable match with odds of 2.0 or greater. Calculate your Lay Stake with the Odds Calculator.
  2. Place your £30 in free bets with William Hill and the corresponding Lay bet at Betfair Exchange.

  3. Wow, you've just made your first profit. You can cash it out and prove that it's really yours!
  4. You've come full circle and now know how to use the Matched Betting method to make money.
  5. Keep going, as before you know it, you'll be making thousands of pounds!
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You've made your first matched bet and have unlocked your £30 in free bets with William Hill.

Time to cash out your profits!



Let's Get Started


William Hill will credit your £30 free bet when your qualifying matched bet in the previous video has settled (i.e. when the event you placed your matched bet on has happened).

Your £30 free bet will be credited to you as 2x £15 free bets (2 x £15 = £30).

If they don't, load up live chat and ask for it.


*** Your free bets are valid for 30 days ***



Use the oddsmatching tool to find a good match (ranking ≥ 80) for your free bet.


*** The William Hill back odds need to be ≥ 2.0 ***



  • Try and stick to UK Football. If UK football is not available, any football league from any country will be fine to use.


STEP 1: Open up the oddsmatching software

STEP 2: Select William Hill from the bookmaker drop down menu

STEP 3: Click “Search”

STEP 4: Open the “Filter” box

STEP 5: Select "Football" under Limit Sports

STEP 6: Select "Match Odds" under Limit Markets

STEP 7: Select "Betfair" under Limit Exchanges

STEP 8: Enter minimum odds of 4.0 under "Odds"


For free bets it's a good idea to use higher odds in order to maximise profit.

We would advise you to look for something with odds ≥ 4.

However, remember that the higher odds you use, the more liability you will need in the exchange but the more money you will make also.


STEP 9: Click “Apply”

STEP 10: Choose an event you want to match 

STEP 11: Double check the odds are the same on the bookmaker & exchange websites


Click on the blue "i" for info symbol in your oddsmatcher to work out your bets with the calculator.

If you prefer, you can use our simple calculator instead.


STEP 12: Open up the calculator

STEP 13: Select "Free Bet (SNR)" at the top

STEP 14: The William Hill bookmaker stake is £30

STEP 15: Enter the William Hill back odds

STEP 16: Enter the Betfair Exchange lay odds

STEP 17: The Betfair lay commission is 5.00%


The calculator will show you your lay stake and your liability.

The "liability" is the amount you need to temporarily deposit into the Betfair Exchange.

The lay amount is what you'll type into the stake box in the Betfair Exchange.


STEP 18: Temporarily deposit the required liability amount


Make sure you have enough money in the Betfair Exchange to cover the liability of this bet.

If you don't, either deposit more or look for something at lower odds.

Remember, you get this back anyway, so don't worry.


STEP 19: Place your 2 lots of £15 William Hill free bets on the same event

STEP 20: Place your Betfair Exchange lay bet


Once these bets have all settled, you'll be able to cash out your profits.


Wow! You've done it. You've used the Matched Betting method to make money!

As you progress you'll continue to make lots of profits and learn new techniques to make even more cash.


Now mark this video as completed and move onto the next video where Chris has a special gift waiting for you.


Example Bets

Here's another example with actual figures.


STEP 1: We have already unlocked £30 in free bets in our William Hill account

STEP 2: We open up the oddsmatching software, filter by sport, markets, minimum odds of 4.0 and find this bet



STEP 3: We then check this information in the calculator is correct




This tells us that we will need £80.71 (liability) in Betfair Exchange to cover this bet.

If we couldn't afford this, we would look for something with lower odds.

We'll assume we can afford it.


STEP 4: We find the correct game (Newcastle vs Liverpool) on William Hill and on Betfair


We check that the odds on both websites are the same as the odds listed in the oddsmatcher.

If they are not, then we must go back to step 3 to recalculate the bet with the correct odds (i.e. the odds listed on William Hill's and Betfair's websites).

If they are, then...


STEP 5: We deposit the £80.71 liability into Betfair


We are getting all our deposits with Betfair back anyway so it doesn't matter.

We can now submit all 2 of our William Hill £15 free bets (making sure we select the free bet from the drop down menu on the bet slip). 


Remember, both bets should be placed on the same team / outcome (one back, one lay).

So in this example it would be backing and laying Newcastle to win in the 19:45 Newcastle vs Liverpool game on Saturday 4th May 2019.


STEP 6: We place all 2 of our William Hill £15 free bets

STEP 7: We place our Betfair lay bet of £22.42 (as per calculator's instructions)


The free bet makes a guaranteed profit of £21.29.

We lost £0.59 from the qualifying matched bet example in the previous video, so our total profit is £22.42 - £0.59 = £21.83.


There you have it, risk-free profits and no slice for mr taxman!


Let's make money!

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