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Your Third Profit - Bet £5 get £20


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  1. Click Here to sign-up to Ladbrokes, or use the link below. Enter promo code "20FREE" when signing up to Ladbrokes.
  2. Deposit £5 with Ladbrokes and then use our Odds Matcher to find a suitable match with odds of 1.5 or greater. Calculate your Lay Stake with the Odds Calculator.
  3. Place the appropriate Back bet with Ladbrokes and the appropriate Lay bet at your Exchange.
  4. Repeat this process with your £20 in free bets immediately after placing your qualifying betFree bets are valid for 4 days. When this has settled, you should have made a profit of around £12-15.


*** The VIDEO above was for Ladbrokes' bet £50 get £50 offer (now bet £5 get £20 offer) - but not to worry, the exact same principles apply. Simply follow the step-by-step guide below ***


For this offer you'll be opening an account with Ladbrokes.

Ladbrokes is offering £20 in free bets for new online customers.

To qualify for this free bet you need to deposit £5 and bet this on any sports market.


If you still haven't created your Betfair account, do this now: Open your Betfair account


Let's Get Started


Note: Make sure to enter the correct PROMO CODE when you register. Use "20FREE"


STEP 1: Click here to open an account with Ladbrokes

STEP 2: Deposit £5 into Ladbrokes 


*** Your qualifying bet needs to be placed within 14 days from opening your Ladbrokes account ***

I.e. you have 14 days from opening this account to place your qualifying bet, otherwise this offer will expire.

We’d recommend moving straight onto the qualifying bet as soon as your account has been opened.



Qualifying Bet

We need to place a £5 bet with Ladbrokes in order to qualify for our free bet.


Use the oddsmatching software to find a close match between the Ladbrokes back odds and the exchange lay odds.


*** The Ladbrokes back odds need to be ≥ 1.5 ***


STEP 3: Open up the oddsmatching software 

STEP 4: Select Ladbrokes from the bookmaker drop down menu 

STEP 5: Click “Search” 

STEP 6: Open the “Filter” box 

STEP 7: Enter minimum odds of 1.5 

STEP 8: Click “Apply”


The “Rating” column indicates which match is the closest, and therefore the most profitable. 

The higher the rating, the closer and thus the better the match. 

We want to always try and do matches with ratings ideally ≥ 90.


STEP 9: Choose an event you want to match

STEP 10: Double check the odds are the same on the bookmaker & exchange websites


Use the simple calculator to work out your bets.


STEP 11: Open up the calculator  

STEP 12: Select "Normal" at the top 

STEP 13: The bookmaker stake is £5 

STEP 14: Enter the Ladbrokes back odds 

STEP 15: Enter the exchange lay odds 

STEP 16: Enter the lay commission 


The calculator will show you your lay stake and your liability.

The "liability" is the amount you need to deposit into the exchange.

The lay amount is what you'll type into the stake box in the exchange.


STEP 17: Deposit the required liability amount.

STEP 18: Place your £5 Ladbrokes bet

STEP 19: Place your exchange lay bet


Don't worry about liability (i.e. your temporary deposit at the exchange), it's all covered by your back bet.



Free Bet

Ladbrokes will credit your £20 free bet immediately after placing your qualifiying bet.

Your £20 free bet will be credited to you as 4x £5 free bets (4 x £5 = £20).

If they don't, load up live chat and ask for it.


*** Your free bets are valid for 4 days ***


We now repeat the same process again.

Use the oddsmatching tool to find a good match (ranking ≥ 90) for your free bet.


STEP 20: Open up the oddsmatching software  

STEP 21: Select Ladbrokes from the bookmaker drop down menu 

STEP 22: Click “Search” 

STEP 23: Open the “Filter” box 

STEP 24: Enter minimum back odds of 4


For free bets it's a good idea to use higher odds in order to maximise profit.

We would advise you to look for something with odds ≥ 4.

However, remember that the higher odds you use, the more liability you will need in the exchange, but the more money you will make also.


STEP 25: Click “Apply”

STEP 26: Choose an event you want to match

STEP 27: Double check the odds are the same on the bookmaker & exchange websites


Use the simple calculator to work out your bets.


STEP 28: Open up the calculator  

STEP 29: Select "Free Bet (SNR)" at the top 

STEP 30: The bookmaker stake is £5 

STEP 31: Enter the Ladbrokes back odds 

STEP 32: Enter the exchange lay odds 

STEP 33: Enter the lay commission 


Make sure you have enough money in the exchange to cover the liability of this bet.

If you don't, either deposit more or look for something at lower odds.


STEP 34: Place your £5 Ladbrokes free bet

STEP 35: Place your exchange lay bet


Repeat the exact same process with your remaining 3x £5 free bets.


Once these bets have settled, you should have made around £15 profit. 

You can immediately withdraw your money from Ladbrokes once the bets have settled.


There you have it, risk-free profits and no slice for mr taxman!


Profits: £15


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