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The Truth Behind Online Trading Platforms

Learning how to successfully trade forex or cryptocurrencies has without doubt become more popular in recent years and is certainly on the rise as more people begin to believe it’s a proven way to make money online.

The harsh reality is that the majority of people who learn to trade online lose their hard-earned savings. According to a report published by the BBC, 82% of people who attempt to trade online are left with significant losses

This seriously impacts lives, as not only do people take such risks with their personal savings but sometimes they even borrow money from friends and family, and sometimes even worse, take out loans.

Huge trading platforms, such as and have been heavily criticised by the media, as existing customers have felt the companies' claims and thus expectations created through false advertising do not marry up with the reality of learning to trade at all.

PLUS500 are one of Atletico Madrid's sponsors. Advertising with huge brands helped PLUS500 turnover $720M in 2018.

We investigated these trading platforms further and discovered that both companies have really poor reviews on one of the most trusted review sites,

As we dig deeper, there’s no surprise to see genuine reviews where customers were not pleased with these services…

We must accept these genuine reviews, with a pinch of salt.

We can’t be too harsh on “learn to trade” services, because they do outline that there’s genuine risk involved with using their platforms. They do try to be transparent with their offering before you create an account.

For example, the following disclaimer was taken from the home page:

Learn to trade state: “Our service includes products that are traded on margin and carry a risk of losses which could be equal to your entire investment.”

It’s fair to conclude that in most cases (for 82% of people) learn to trade platforms massively over-promise and massively under-deliver.

There’s still hope if you want to make money online however.

We're not promising you millions, but you can no doubt, consistently make hundreds of pounds extra every month in your spare time online.

That’s where Profit Squirrel comes in. Profit Squirrel is an online platform that allows you to consistently earn up to £1,000 cash every single month. You do this by using the site's tutorials, tools, and support to learn and earn with “Matched Betting”.

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Although the name Matched Betting sounds like gambling, it’s very much more like sports trading and the best part is that the service is completely risk-free.

Try it for FREE today and make £20 in your first hour!

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There's the silver lining you've been looking for all along. You're keen on making money online but you don't want to get scammed. Try out Profit Squirrel for FREE and see that it actually works and that you can actually make money online.

So why don't these companies making these crazy claims also allow you to try out their product first before getting you to buy in with your hard-earned savings? It's probably because they know you're going to lose all of your money.

We understand the crazy outlandish promises you find online about making money tend to make you wonder: "is it too good to be true?". Unfortunately, almost every time that is the case. Thankfully however, with Profit Squirrel this isn't the case.

Why This Is Perfect For You

Anyone looking to make money online either full-time or as a new “side-hustle” tend to have some common traits that will set them up perfectly for making money online with Profit Squirrel. For example:

  1. A willingness to go above and beyond the norm by wanting to learn something entirely new in their spare time.

  2. Being self-motivated enough to even take the time to read about an opportunity, as you have done just now.

  3. A desire to want to have a better lifestyle than you currently have.

Does this sound like you? If so, what’s a better alternative to trading forex and cryptocurrencies and losing all your money? It's simple, it's risk-free Matched Betting with Profit Squirrel.

Now, this may sound like surprisingly good news, but it’s important that we explain why risk-free Matched Betting with Profit Squirrel is a better option compared to all the “learn to trade” platforms out there. So we'll do just that and break it down for you below.

Factors to consider - Learn to Trade

Investment - ❌ Up to £5,000 and you’re not guaranteed to make any profits. Plus the cost of attending regional seminars are not included in their packages.

Safety - ❌ Earnings are based on market predictions, so there's no real certainty of how much you will profit.

Flexibility - ❌ Joining a trading platform will mean you’re tied into a legal & financial contract. You could be liable to pay thousands in legal fees.

Time to learn - ❌ Multiple seminar attendances including a 3-day course.

Profitability - ❌ You could earn millions, but there's no guarantee. 82% of people fail to make any profit.

Withdrawing funds - ❌ Based on reviews, withdrawing your funds can be sticky!

Support - ❌ A customer helpline is available, however the most important support is in the form of coaching, which again, comes at a financial cost.

Factors to consider - Profit Squirrel

Investment - ✅ You can start with investing just £10! Also, all the training is online in the form of video tutorials and step-by-step instructions.

Safety - ✅ Earnings are based on a simple mathematical formula which means you know exactly how much profit you will earn every time (our tools do this for you).

Flexibility - ✅ No contracts, one-click cancelation is available!

Time to learn - ✅ There's no requirement to travel. It takes less than 1 hour to learn and earn your first profit with Profit Squirrel.

Profitability - ✅ Earn up to £1,000 tax-free, every single month. Profits are guaranteed, or your money back!

Withdrawing funds - ✅ Withdrawing your money is fast and typically done within 2 working days.

Support - ✅ Phone and email support are included with membership. There's also a community forum with over 10k members helping each other earn a nice side income online.

With your Profit Squirrel membership you will receive:

  • 30 Day Profit Guarantee
    If you don't make a profit - we'll give you your money back + £100!
  • Earn up to £1,000 every month
    Adding new profit opportunities for you on a daily basis.
  • Lightning-fast Software
    Our powerful software finds the most profitable matches for you.
  • Have fun with like-minded people
    Gain access to our private members community.
  • Dedicated UK Support
    Our team of Matching Experts will help you succeed.

Find out if you qualify for membership at Profit Squirrel and see how much profit you could earn by taking the short quiz below.

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Join today and you can start to lock in profits like one of our newest members Rick!

Matched betting has been reviewed and approved by credible sources, such as:

With Profit Squirrel you have nothing to lose, as we offer a money-back guarantee – if you fail to make a profit in your first 30-days you’ll get a full refund!

You don’t have to travel near or far to learn, everything is online. You will learn how to make money with Matched Betting at Profit Squirrel and earn your first profits in less than 1 hour from joining. What would you do with an extra £1,000 every single month?

Try it for FREE today and make £20 in your first hour! 

Want To Learn More Before Getting Started?

Here are our top 3 recommended actions you can take right now to get a much better understanding of what Profit Squirrel has to offer.

  1. Subscribe to Profit Squirrel's YouTube channel. With over 100 videos there’s something useful for everyone.

  2. Enter the member’s area for FREE. Dive right in, there’s no requirement to buy in order to experience our free plan. Plus you'll make up to £50 in profit too!!!

  3. Join our member’s group on Facebook and interact with people from all walks of life making money online with Profit Squirrel.

Don't forget to check out our reviews below too!

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