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Partner Friendly Bookmakers - Double Your Matched Betting Profits


As you start getting comfortable with making money online using Profit Squirrel, you'll realise the potential is enormous. What Profit Squirrel teach really works and our money-making community is growing every day.

Can you think of anyone else who's interested in making money online? Perhaps a friend or family member could do with a second income? Well here's the GOOD NEWS...

Some bookmakers allow more than one offer per household!

Known as "Partner-Friendly Bookmakers", they will accept a second account from the same household and allow unrestricted access to daily promotions. Perfect for people living in shared accommodation and especially for students living in university halls.

Imagine whizzing through the Welcome Offers all over again and completing on-going offers like free spins, price boosts, weekly free bet clubs, twice over - every single day! 

A great time to be a member of Profit Squirrel. Double your profits using partner-friendly bookmakers. 

Perhaps it's time you referred a friend or told your partner and started making Matches together, you'll easily double your income.

How does £1,000 every month per household sound to you? 

Profit Squirrel's Top 6 Partner-Friendly Bookmakers

At the time of writing this post, the best partner-friendly bookmakers are: 

SkyBet - they have few, if any, restrictions in place on a second user from the same address opening their account and both can claim the free bet offer when they join the site.

Betfair - will treat two customers living at the same address as entirely independent of each other. This means that both customers can access all the offers on Betfair, including the free bet offer, without any restrictions.

Ladbrokes - will allow two people living at the same address to open different accounts, but that to do so, their account names and payment details must not match.

BetVictor - two people at the same address could open separate accounts and that provided all the other details were separate (bank details as well as user information) then they could receive the free bet opening offer on both accounts.

William Hill - will allow two people from the same address to open an account, but their free bet bonus for new players can only be claimed by one person at that address.

Bet365 - will allow partner accounts or more than one account per address. However, only one account registered at that address will be allowed to access any offers.

These bookmakers will accept you to have another account on the same residential address for both their Welcome Offers and Daily Offers.

Many more bookmakers will allow more than one person for ongoing offers but unlikely for Welcome Offers - which is still great given the Daily Offers are always available every day.

In need of more insights? Check out our YouTube channel with over 40 FREE videos for even more guidance.

Jason Robertson

Jason Robertson

Community support member

I dedicate my spare time to making Matches so I can spoil my 3 little angels. A teacher from Merseyside, love cooking and reading. Liverpool's #1 fan!

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