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Matched Betting Locations: Which Countries Allow Online Betting?

If you are confused by all of the different online gambling laws out there, you aren’t alone! Online betting has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years - just do a quick search and you’ll see tons of results for betting sites that promise big dividends and unlimited opportunities for sports and casino bets.

Not all countries have the same gambling laws, however, and there are many areas where betting is still illegal and those that have different regulations based on individual states or provinces. If you want to get started with matched betting, it’s important to understand the laws where you live, as working with an illegally run operation is a risky way to try and make a profit. Before placing your first bet online, take some to time to investigate the laws in your country, as ensuring that you are placing bets legally is the best way to safeguard your money.

Countries Where Betting is Legal

Betting laws vary greatly throughout Europe. Several countries ban it altogether and others, like the UK, have formal laws and regulations put in place that are designed to protect consumers. In the UK, all types of online betting are tightly regulated by the Gambling Commission and are legal to participate in. This includes sports betting, casino games, bingo and lottery-type games. It’s a completely different story in other countries like France, for example, which doesn’t allow online casino betting, and tightly regulates and limits other types of betting. 

In countries and states where betting is illegal, you may not get in trouble for placing bets online, since governments tend to go after the businesses that operate the sites themselves. However, if you aren’t working with a legitimate and licensed gambling site, you could find yourself at risk for fraudulent activities and financial losses.

How to Protect Yourself

Before placing a bet online, make sure that matched betting is legal in your country. If you want to know how to do matched betting in Canada or the United States, for example, you need to do your homework and check out the local laws for online gambling sites and make sure that you meet the requirements for location and age before placing a bet. Both countries have different regulations that can vary from state to state or province, so check the fine print to make sure you understand the details in your location.

It’s also a good idea to make sure you only place bets on gambling sites that are licensed and regulated by the country you are in, as this ensures that there are guidelines in place to protect consumers. In order to become licensed in most countries, betting sites have to meet specific criteria and ensure they are operating a legitimate business before they can start working with customers. Licensed betting sites that have met all of the legal requirements for operations will post this information right on their website, so be sure to read the fine print and the terms and conditions for placing a bet to make sure you are working with a trusted business before starting out with matched betting.

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