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From Lay Betting to Sports Arbs: A Quick Look at Matched Bets

All types of matched bets can help you turn a small amount of cash into big profits. From offers at the betting exchange that are designed to get new customers to sign up, to betting that is geared around the outcome of a specific sporting event, there are plenty of ways to maximize your bets and win big.

Some of the most common types of bets you will encounter when learning about the different types of betting out there to take advantage of welcome offers and sign up deals, are sports betting arbitrage and lay betting. These are just a few of the most popular types of matched bets that you can find at the betting exchange and it doesn’t take long to master them and start making a profit.

1. Welcome Offers and Sign Up Deals

Bookmakers love to get new customers in the door, and the most common way of doing this is by offering some great deals. The deals typically include free bets when you sign up, a free bet after making your first bet as well as deposit bonuses. These customer-friendly tactics are a great way for bookmakers to get new users in the door and if you use them correctly, they can help you start scoring big in matched betting. Just be cautious when redeeming any type of promotional codes for bets, as there are typically very specific rules and conditions that you must follow in order to use them.

2. Sports Betting Arbitrage

Also known as “arbing,” sports betting arbitrage allows bettors to cover each possible outcome of a bet so that they are ensured a profit no matter what happens. You don’t have to be a sports fan to take advantage of arb betting, you just need access to a reliable matched betting calculator to help you generate the back stake, back odds, lay odds and lay commission amount, and you must set up an account with a betting exchange. Being successful in arbitrage betting takes time and consistency, as the bets are typically smaller and low-risk. However, it’s also a very profitable and easy way to make money on every bet.

3. Lay Betting

Lay betting is another type of matched bet that can help you generate a strong profit over time. To lay a bet, a bet is placed against an outcome occurring versus backing a particular outcome as with a traditional bet. In a horse race, for example, placing a bet that a particular horse will not win ensures that you win the bet if any other horse takes first prize. Just like a bookmaker, if you lose your bet, you will have to pay up if the results aren’t what you bet against.

There are many different types of betting out there, but taking advantage of everything that matched betting has to offer can really increase your income potential quickly and with minimal investment. By placing different types of matched bets and varying your approach, you can see for yourself how easy it is to master matched betting and start making money.

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Elizabeth Gold

Elizabeth Gold

Full-time Mummy | Part-Time Blogger

I love finding new and creative ways to make money. Anything to make life easier and to let me spoil my beautiful family.

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