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Is Profit Squirrel A Scam Or Will You Really Make Money Online?

When you first hear about making money online with it may have you feeling like it's too good to be true, or it's some sort of scam, right? 

To be completely honest, I’m really not surprised that you initially feel that way. In fact, a recent survey found that over 33% of new members hesitated to make their first profits from the fear of being mis-sold or felt Profit Squirrel was too good to be true. 

Let me assure you, this is NOT a scam.



Here are some key reasons why Profit Squirrel is NOT a scam.


1.UK company registered for over 4 years.

Profit Squirrel has been operating since 2015, you can find our business registered on Companies House by referencing our company number #09628419.


No scam will ever have a registered trading account with companies’ house, let alone operate for such a long time.

2.VAT registered.

Profit Squirrel is also VAT registered (221751927), meaning we file tax returns to HMRC and completely compliant. We’re a genuine company and completely transparent about the way our business runs.

3. Approved and verified by Google. 

Profit Squirrel is recognised as a verified business by Google. Simply search for “Profit Squirrel” on your next search. You’ll also notice our office based in Central London. No scam would be verified by Google!

We're also rated very highly by genuine reviews on Google Pages too!

4. Pick up the phone! 

Unlike scammy websites, Profit Squirrel has multiple ways for you to get in touch. Call us right now and speak with a member of our team 020 8050 1451. Our contact hours are 10 am – 6 pm Monday to Friday. Email us direct or find us on Facebook. With currently over 8k fans on FB, they will all tell you, we’re not a scam.

5. Discover genuine reviews

Profit Squirrel is trusted by thousands of people. Check out our latest reviews on credible review sites like


6. Thousands of fans

Profit Squirrel is loved by over 8,000 fans on our Facebook page, ask anyone and they will tell you that we're not a scam. 

Profit Squirrel also offers a completely free matched betting group on Facebook too. Click here to join the group and receive free advice and support with making money online, using our matched betting strategies.


I’m sure many of us have tried to make extra money online and it hasn’t worked... 

I tried completing surveys, but the time I spent and the money earned wasn’t good enough. I then attempted affiliate marketing, but I couldn’t get it to work – it was just too complicated.

Tried network marketing, also referred to Multi-level marketing, running around trying to chase sales. I lost thousands of pounds and over 1 year of my valuable time.


Why will Profit Squirrel work for you?

Profit Squirrel mathematically risk-free. You will be shown how to make money, guaranteed. Remember, maths NEVER lies. See for yourself. Watch the following video explainer on how matched betting works and unlocks profits every single day


Profit Squirrel offers different membership plans so you pick the one that best suits you!

Hit the “Try It For Free” button on our home page, and start learning more WITHOUT having to even create an account.

Slightly keener? Then take advantage of our premium membership and start learning how to consistently earn £500 extra every month

Click here to try Profit Squirrel's premium membership for only £1

Or if you don't have time, we can do it all for you & make you £200 in 2 weeks with our Free VIP service!

Click here to Learn More about our Free VIP service


Remember, Profit Squirrel also offers a money-back guarantee. We promise that you will make a profit from your membership, or your money back in the first 30 days. Check out our terms and conditions if you want to find out more.


Has this information convinced you to try Profit Squirrel? If so, then great! Complete your sign up today and let’s get started. Remember, you’re not tied into any contract, cancel in one-click any time via the member’s portal.

If you’re not using the service and making profits, then we don’t want your money!

Feel free to do some more research if you’re still not convinced, we have nothing to hide and everything to share with you.

Finally, any questions, speak with an expert: 020 8050 1451

Let’s make money!

Elizabeth Gold

Elizabeth Gold

Full-time Mummy | Part-Time Blogger

I love finding new and creative ways to make money. Anything to make life easier and to let me spoil my beautiful family.

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