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Is Betfair Available In Your Country? Matched Betting Experts Explain

The rise of matched betting makes it possible for more people to make money online.

As helps everyone in learning how to make money online with matched betting, more people from outside the United Kingdom want to take advantage.

The good news is, you can make money online with matched betting outside the UK, however, you will need to know which bookmakers operate in your country.

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Now, one of the biggest questions we get from our members outside the UK:  "Is Betfair exchange available in my country?".

The Profit Squirrel support team has done the hard work for you, by searching which regions are eligible in creating a Betfair account. See the full list below:


Argentina  bet365 licence
Australia  Betfair licence
Belgium  Betfair licence
Bosnia Herzegovina  Betfair licence
Bulgaria  Betfair licence
Brazil  Betfair licence
Colombia  Betfair licence
Croatia  Betfair licence
Czech Republic  Betfair licence
Denmark  Betfair licence
Estonia  Betfair licence
Egypt  Betfair licence
Finland  Betfair licence
Germany  Betfair licence
Gibraltar  Betfair licence
Hungary  Betfair licence
Hong Kong  Betfair licence
Ireland  Betfair licence
Indonesia  Betfair licence
Latvia  Betfair licence
Lithuania  Betfair licence
Liechtenstein  Betfair licence
Luxembourg  Betfair licence
Macedonia  Betfair licence
Malta  Betfair licence
Malaysia  Betfair licence
Moldova  Betfair licence
Montenegro  Betfair licence
Netherlands  Betfair licence
New Zealand  Betfair licence
Norway  Betfair licence
Phillippines  Betfair licence
Romania  Betfair licence
Russia  Betfair licence
Saudi Arabia  Betfair licence
Singapore  Betfair licence
Slovakia  Betfair licence
South Africa  Betfair licence
South Korea  Betfair licence
Spain  Betfair licence
Sweden  Betfair licence
Switzerland  Betfair licence
Ukraine  Betfair licence
UK  Betfair licence
USA (restricted states)  Betfair licence

Note: This information is the latest to our knowledge. if you're ever in doubt, we recommend speaking with Betfair directly. The fastest way to an answer is by contacting the bookmaker's live chat feature. 


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Can't see your country listed above? Don't worry, you will still make money with matched betting at Profit Squirrel! The only difference is that you'll need to learn how to "Dutch" your bets.

Learn how to dutch bets using Profit Squirrel's matched betting "Dutching" calculator explained in the video below.

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