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How To Make A Complaint Against A Bookmaker

If you have a complaint against a UK betting site, bookmaker or casino here's what you need to do.

1. Contact The Bookmaker Directly.

This will save time in resolving the case. The best way to contact a bookmaker is via Live Chat, where most top bookmakers offer. This service is typically available 24/7.

The fastest way to find the bookmaker's live chat function is to use any search engine like Google and type in the Bookmaker's name followed by "live chat". So, for example, "Ladbrokes live chat"

It's a good idea to capture screenshots of the conversation in order to use it as evidence should you need to escalate the complaint. If there's no live chat feature then email the bookmaker's support/complaint department. The fastest way to find the bookmaker's contact details is to use any search engine like Google and type in the Bookmaker's name followed by "Support contact"

Part of a bookmaker's license agreement states that they must do everything they can to resolve a customer complaint, within reason. Most customer complaints do not escalate beyond this.

2. Escalate

If you can't get a resolution directly with the bookmaker's customer service team, contact them one last time stating that if there is no resolution you will inevitably have to escalate the case to The Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) or in some cases the Advertising Standards Agency and the Gambling Commission.

IBAS is an impartial adjudicator for disputes between punters and gambling operators. This article gives information on how to use IBAS and other services as well as examples of common complaints and their likely outcomes.

Click here to raise a complaint case with IBAS

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