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Is Matched Betting Safe?

When many people first start looking into matched betting, it can seem like a scam, or something that is simply too good to be true. We get it! It seems like it’s just a little too easy to place bets that you will always win using free bets and reload offers from the bookmakers. If you do it right and understand how the process works, you really can make money on a consistent basis with matched betting.

When Can Matched Betting Go Wrong?

As with any other type of betting, there are certainly ways to mess up in matched betting, but if you pay attention, you can catch these mistakes before they end up costing you some money. Here are some of the common errors that bettors can run into:

1. Only placing one bet on the outcome vs. placing a bet on both potential outcomes

If you’re asking yourself, "Can you lose in match betting?", the answer is yes, but only if you aren’t paying attention. The whole point of winning in matched betting is that you have to place a bet on both sides of the outcome for the same event. If you don’t and the event has an outcome on the opposite side of where you placed your bet, then your money is gone - it’s as simple as that! This typically occurs when bettors aren’t paying attention to the bets they place, but it’s easily fixed by placing a bet on the other side with the betting website. Just be sure to catch your mistake in time and you’ll be safe.

2. Not getting a free bet or bonus bet as expected

So you’ve signed up for an account on a betting site and have been looking forward to taking advantage of all those free bets and reload offers that the bookmakers offer, but they never seem to pop up. Or perhaps you’re using free bets but then getting charged as if they were a regular bet. This typically occurs because you haven’t followed the terms and conditions for the free bet and as a result, you have to pay full price. It’s also possible that you did qualify for the free bet but due to a technical glitch or operator error, the offer simply didn’t work. This is another situation where it all comes down to paying attention to what you’re doing. Always read the terms and conditions carefully and if you’ve qualified for a free bet but never received it, contact customer support for help.

3. Your account has been suspended

In some cases, matched betting can go wrong because your account has been “gubbed” by the bookmaker. Gubbing means that your account has been limited or locked because you only place bets when there is a free or other promotional offer. To get around this, it’s important to spread your bets across different bookmakers (and there are alot of them out there!) and to occasionally place what is known as a mug bet, which is a bet on a high profile event that carries a normal amount of risk but that will only lose you an insignificant amount of money, we're talking low single digit pounds if not pennys.

Another reason for accounts being shut down is that you’ve been setting up multiple accounts on the same website using different email addresses and other contact details. Doing this may seem like an easy way to get around the bookmaker’s rules, but it’s actually something that’s easily detectable and can quickly get you banned from a site.

Elizabeth Gold

Elizabeth Gold

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I love finding new and creative ways to make money. Anything to make life easier and to let me spoil my beautiful family.

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