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Online Matched Betting: Are Betting Sites Legal?

If you are new to matched betting or have never placed a bet online before, then you likely have questions about where betting is legal. In the UK, where legal betting is allowed, you can place a bet using an online betting exchange or at a retail betting website, and you don’t have to be an experienced bettor to take advantage of the countless opportunities that are out there. With a growing number of betting sites launching online, it may seem like the profits you can earn from matched betting are too good to be true. Just sign up with a betting exchange, place a few matched bets on a horse race or a football game online, and cash out your winnings quickly and easily after the game's ended. Since it’s so easy to start making money this way, you may find yourself asking the question, “are all these betting websites legal?” The answer is yes!

Legal Betting in the UK

From free offers that can generate big profits in matched betting, to bonus bets and other deals provided to entice repeat business, it’s easy to see why legal betting in the UK has become such a popular industry. The gambling industry is thriving thanks to the large number of online betting sites that have popped up in recent years. The UK Gambling Commission is responsible for managing licensing and overseeing the operations of these sites, providing the security that bettors need to confidently and safely place bets, while also giving betting exchanges a clear list of guidelines to follow to ensure continued licensing.

In the UK, where betting has been regulated since 2005, you can place any type of bet online if you are over the age of 18. Today, thousands of matched bets for football, golf, horse races, rugby and even NFL are placed every day at the online betting exchanges. These sites are completely legal, and since they are tightly regulated by the Commission, your bets are protected in case of a dispute with the betting site.

What Else Does the UK Gambling Commission Do?

The Commission issues gambling licenses and can also take away a company’s license if they fail to meet industry regulations. They also serve in the user’s best interest by intervening if a customer has an issue with a bookmaker and by monitoring gambling websites and retail betting shops to ensure they operate in a fair and legal way. This helps reduce any potential security risks from placing bets online and also helps to protect bettors from an unhealthy betting environment.

It’s Easy to Start Making Money

When you work with a licensed bookmaker in the UK, whether in person or online, you can start making money with your first bet. Just be sure to choose a reputable exchange and make smart decisions with your money. That’s the best way to start generating big profits while having fun with legal betting in the UK.

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Elizabeth Gold

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