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What Is The Best Odds Guaranteed in Matched Betting (BOG)?

Whilst the process of matched betting, do you want to earn some additional cash, quite ‘unexpectedly’? Surely, you do want to earn in this way! For punters like you, there is – "Best Odds Guaranteed in Matched Betting, in short, BOG."

What is BOG?

BOG is mainly relevant in horse racing. It is an exclusive kind of promotion. It is a well-known fact that the odds in a horse race keeps on frequently changing at a fast rate. Keeping a tab on the odds is an overtly complex thing you have to manage.

Suppose you have placed bets on particular odds for a horse. When the race begins, the same horse begins with higher odds compared to the odds on which you had placed your bets. In such a situation, if the horse wins the race, you earn on the relatively higher odds, thus increasing your chances to garner more profits from the bet. This is the basic principle of how BOG works.

How can you utilize BOG beneficially in matched betting?

When you are strategizing to apply a matched betting strategy while placing bets on a horse (or even multiple horses), you can use BOG to ensure profits, especially unexpected profits. You have to primarily consider the odds of the horse on which you are placing the bet. Also, you have to take into account the odds when another horse wins. Calculate the chances of extracting profit from the bet.

When you back a horse to win the race, you have a certain calculation about the amount of money you can win. Suppose the odds become higher at the moment when the race begins. Your matched betting tactic would win you more money when the horse becomes victorious, based on the comparatively higher odds that were more than the odds on which you had placed your bets.

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Types of offers where you can use BOG

There are multiple varieties of offers presented by the bookmakers where you can fluently use BOG. For example, there are signup offers given by many bookmakers or betting platforms. These are good opportunities to use BOG.

There are also reload offers in horse racing where it would be intelligent to use BOG. You can also use the same ploy in cases of refund offers given by the bookmakers. The sweetly surprising thing is – you can use BOG in mug betting, too.

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Checking out whether you have won a BOG

In most of the situations when you have played using a BOG, you can check out the section of settled bets of the particular bookmaker, in order to be sure that you have indeed won a BOG in the bet.

Know about BOG profit

Are you thinking of ways to calculate the exact profit from a specific BOG strategy? It is not difficult to calculate. You have to subtract the liability you have at the betting exchange from the winning amount at the particular bookmaker. The final figure would be the profit for you.

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