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What is Rule 4 in Horse Racing? How to maximize your return with Matched Betting?

Matched betting is applicable to various sporting events – from football to tennis to horse racing. It depends on the stakes, your interest, your experience, the offer details of the bookmaker and other similar factors to choose a particular bet to place. Strategies to earn profits from the matched betting are simple, yet you need to consider a few mathematical parameters and rules in order to maximize your returns. In this regard, Rule 4 in a horse racing event bears special significance. This blog tries to simply the concept.

Not getting the returns as you had expected

There could be certain occasions in which you could not book the returns as you had expected when you had placed the bet. You might get caught in a surprise. A deeper analysis would reveal, in almost every such case, such a result is due to the application of Rule 4, particularly in a horse racing event.

What happens when Rule 4 is applied?

When Rule 4 is applied, there is a deduction in place. The profit margins, the variance, the expectations of the returns, etc are recalculated and alter. The whole scenario changes from the perspective of the bookmaker and the bettor.

When is Rule 4 applied?

It is helpful to know the occasion when Rule 4 is applied. It applies when a specific horse is completely withdrawn from the racing event, and simultaneously you have placed a bet on another horse in the same event.

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Deductions take place

In case of application of Rule 4, there is a deduction in place, implemented from potential profit margins from the event. This is applicable to each and every bet associated to the event. Keep in mind that the value of your stakes remains the same.

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Involvement of bookmaker and the betting exchange

Note that both the bookmaking service provider and the betting exchange are involved in applying Rule 4. In case you have already placed a lay bet and also put a back bet in place, there is specifically nothing you need to do.

Calculating back odds

Of course, by all practical means, you would like to calculate and know about the fresh back odds post-reduction process due to Rule 4. There is a simple formula you need to follow in order to know these odds. The formula to particularly calculate the deductions due to implementation of Rule 4 is given by:

(Back odds – 1) X (1 – Rule 4 reduction) + 1

You would already know about the value of the back odds. You have to enquire regarding the details of the Rule 4 deduction. After knowing these two values, all you have to do is simply plug those in the formula and get the value of back odds, availing a clearer picture about the bet.

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You can always consult an expert

If you have further questions or doubts regarding the optimal application of Rule 4 and allied calculations, you could always resort to consulting an expert.

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