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What is OddsMatcher? How to Use the OddsMatcher

Those among you, who are interested in betting technologies, might have searched for simple tools and frameworks that make it easier and more convenient for you to place relevant bets in football or other sports market. For you, Oddsmatcher is the perfect tool.

Oddsmatcher – what is it actually?

With the help of the Oddsmatcher tool, you would be able to make fast bets in any matched betting framework. Also, the process would be significantly time-efficient. The purpose of the tool is locating the best possible profitable matches involving the back odds of the bookmaker and the lay odds in the exchange.

Using the OddsMatcher

There are some basic yet important steps you should follow in order to properly use OddsMatcher. The steps are explained in a nutshell through the following points. But before that, you should know about major sections or elements of the framework visible to you.

Time or date

This invariably tells about the exact time or date of the selection schedule.


You are able to see the specific event name on the ‘Details’ box.


The segment of ‘Bet’ in the framework tells about the selection a player should place in relation to the back and the lay bets.


Under ‘Type’, you get the idea of the sports market where you are going to place the bet.


This is simply about more information on broad categories of bets.


This informs you about the bookmaker relevant to your placed bet.

Back odds

There would be back odds that are mandatory to consider. These would be with a particular bookmaker whom you have selected.


The box of ‘Exchange’ naturally tells about the exchange in relation to the lay odds.

Lay odds

The betting’s lay odds are displayed here.


The box represents the current liquidity available in association to the selection.


The clock is all about the last time information on the platform or the framework was refreshed.

Free OddsMatcher Software

If you want to place your bets with more surety and less risks, then it is rational to rely on top-rated OddsMatcher Software. There are many platforms that would provide you several kinds of tools. But the software product freely available on the site of Profit Squirrel is the best in the market. You would get all details about the betting event and accordingly decide on your strategies.

Eliminating risk

It is advised to use the software in order to eliminate any trace of risk element in your betting game. Matched Betting is not gambling and obviously, it does not involve any kind of risk. Still, it is better to be doubly sure, especially when you are planning to invest a large amount.

Using the software on a regular basis

Using the software on a regular basis would make you an expert in the arena of matched betting. You would definitely become sharper in placing your bets. Moreover, you would be able to know the amount of money coming to your coffers from a particular bet.

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Elizabeth Gold

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