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What is Mug Betting? Definition, Features and Strategies

In betting, you need to remain alert constantly, to prevent your account being flagged by bookmakers. There are multiple reasons for which your account gets flagged. Locating those reasons and taking appropriate strategies is the key to get success in betting. This article tries to cover these issues.

Concept of Gubbing

Before we dive deep into mug betting, it is essential to understand the concept of gubbing. Basically, when you win too much with the bookmaker and keep on continuing to pull in profits continuously, your account is temporarily flagged, or in the term of the betting world, gubbed. You are unable to qualify for bookmaker free bets and promotions with your account. You can’t place bets anymore.

Reasons why the account is gubbed

There are some distinct reasons for the betting account to be gubbed. They are as following:

  • You are continuously betting on lucrative free offers, accounting for price boosts.
  • You are particularly betting on games with low odds, using your money. But in the case of games that have high stakes, you are utilizing the free bets.
  • You are winning and winning.

Basically, you are playing safe. This is hindering the profit sharing or commission earning model of the bookmakers. The result is your account gets gubbed.

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Mug betting – a simple definition

Mug betting is simply a betting strategy that makes you appear a normal bettor, giving some value back to the bookmakers, from the profits you earn. It’s practically a win-win case. You earn, your account doesn’t get gubbed, and the bookmakers take home some value, too.

Two common mug betting strategies

You might be interested to know some broad categories through which you can appear as a regular mug punter. One of the strategies is placing your bets on the same team, repeatedly. Suppose you bet on Arsenal’s win in a particular game. You do that again 5 times in a row, grossly speaking. The other strategy is focusing on the popularity of events and wagering. Don’t try to utilize every other free offer on the bookmaker’s platform. That would be too predictable. Try to play it coolly and calmly.

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Tips to excel in mug betting

There is a wide spectrum of tips that you can optimally mix and utilize in order to pull in more profits by mug betting. Read on.

Not taking the best odds – Bookmakers always monitor your betting activities and assess them. It is rational not to take the best odds frequently.

Focusing on the same market – It is a good tip to follow – you need to place your bets centred on the usual, rather same market. This doesn’t make the bookmakers suspicious.

Picking a specific team – As briefly mentioned earlier, it is wise to stick to a single team, especially when you are concentrating on a league-based tournament or championship.

Spreading your betting interests – It is extremely crucial to intelligently spread your betting interests across various services and products on the bookmaker’s platform.

Mug betting is the way to go

Surf through the website and video tutorials of Profit Squirrel to get more insights on mug betting, and apply relevant tips accordingly to earn more profits, protecting your account.

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