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What is Lay Betting? A simple overview of lay betting

When you are involved in matched betting, you might have heard this term several times – lay betting. What exactly is it? How can you exploit its features? Perhaps, a simple definition would provide you with the necessary ammunition to understand lay betting's essence in easy terms.

The definition of lay betting

Before you understand lay betting, you need to know that there are two broad outcomes of an event. Either the event occurs, or the event doesn’t occur. When you are specifically betting on the event's occurrence, you are placing a typical back bet. When you are doing the opposite, it is called lay betting. In other words, when the bet is centered on the non-occurrence of an event, it is known as a lay bet.

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The basic dynamics

Suppose your team has a football match in the league in the coming weekend. There are three outcomes of the match. Either it wins the match or loses it, or the match becomes a draw. In this case, not winning the match means - losing and drawing the match. The non-occurrence of the victory is where you place the bet. This type of bet is called the lay bet. You are betting on the outcome that your favorite team will either lose the match or the match will be a draw.

What is a liability in case of lay betting?

It is important to know your liability when you get involved in lay betting. The amount of money that you could practically lose in the worst-case situation is known as your liability.

Fundamentals of lay betting strategies

You need to have clear ideas about lay betting strategies. If you can play well, you would be winning a huge sum of money, at least a considerable amount to run a majority of your daily chores. Read on further to know about some fundamentals in this regard.

Having knowledge of the liability

You must use a reliable bet calculator, preferably that provided by Profit Squirrel, in order to accurately calculate your liability in a case-specific manner. You would, with the available information, be able to better place the bet and sharpen your strategies in matched betting. Ensure to note down the liability amounts in each case where you get involved. Also, note down the details of your performance. A bit of discipline like this would make you an expert player soon.

Ensure that the platform has been effective

Before you dive into the strategy-making web of matched betting, especially lay betting, you should ensure that the service provider from whom you seek advice has enough experience to make the players win considerable amounts from lay betting. For example, a reliable platform like Profit Squirrel has consistent records of making participants comfortable and betters win in a sustainable framework.

Dig through suitable video tutorials

If you are seriously interested in various aspects and elements of lay betting, then it is advisable to explore the detailed video tutorials of Profit Squirrel on this topic.

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