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What Is Availability In Betting Exchanges?

A betting exchange is a platform where you place a lay bet. In order to become a prolific punter, you should be aware of all relevant technical terms that make rounds on an exchange site. Availability is one such term that might intrigue you. Knowing it in more details would help you in understanding the betting interface in more details.

The interface on an exchange platform

When you explore the interface of a betting exchange showing the list of bets and odds, with corresponding details in various columns, you would notice a term ‘Avail’ in the last or the rightmost column. That is the short form of ‘Availability’. You can easily locate it in a second. It bears special significance in the placing your lay bets on the site. There are some quantitative aspects associated to it as concisely explained in the next paragraph.

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The column of ‘Availability’

It has a value in pounds for each of the event currently active on the betting exchange website. There is a huge variation in these values. There could be an event with an ‘Availability’ of £12 whereas there could be also an event with an ‘Availability’ of £1500.

A betting exchange is like a marketplace

Just like any physical or online marketplace, a betting exchange platform can also be regarded as a marketplace. Here, you are the bookie. The exchange allows you to be the bookmaker when you place your lay bet. There are odds for various events, from which you choose lucrative opportunities to place the lay bets.

But, there should be odds from other bettors from other parts of UK, or any other country, who create a value in the market that remains to be extracted by the punters. There are parties who are allowed to give and take odds. You are offered the odds from another individual.

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Availability’ tells what’s on offer

‘Availability’ basically tells what’s on offer in the market, as reflected by the value on the rightmost column of the interface enlisting the events. These offers vary depending on the popularity of a sports category, craze for an event, and how much odds a bettor is willing to give you on the specific platform. Due to this variation, the value amounts under ‘Availability’ are different for each of the events enumerated there. You simply have to keep this mind when digging through the meaning of ‘Availability’.

Small ‘Availability’ vs Big ‘Availability’

In niche events, like a local horse race, the availability amount is small. In big events, such as semi-final of world cup football, the value for ‘Availability’ is pretty high. It is your discretion to choose in which event you want to place your lay bet.

Your willingness to put money

It is important how much money you are willing to put for the lay bet. If the value of the ‘Availability’ is lesser than the amount of money you are willing to put, then you can’t place your lay bet for that particular event. You need to look for ‘Availability’ with a higher value.

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