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What is an Unmatched Bet and How Do You Fix Them?

You have surely heard about matched betting. But, have you come across a term known as an unmatched bet? In the same context, there is also a thing in the market term as partially matched bet. There is no need to panic when you face such situations. There are simple and effective ways to tackle these cases. But, firstly, you need to know about these terms, in order to proceed with the strategies to counter them.

Defining an unmatched bet

An unmatched bet is simply a bet in which your lay bet was not completely matched in the betting exchange platform, as the price (odds) for which you aimed to bet is not available anymore in the betting market.

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Defining a partially matched bet

A partially matched bet is a bit different but has the elements of an unmatched bet. In this, as you can fairly guess, a portion of your lay bet is accepted on the exchange platform, and the rest is not validated. The reason for not accepting the remaining portion of the lay is same as that mentioned in the definition of unmatched betting. Resultantly, the bet is partially matched.

Fixing an unmatched bet

You don’t have to bother about fixing an unmatched bet as the procedure is pretty simple. On the platform of the specific betting exchange, you would notice the details of the unmatched bet under your account or name. All you have to do is clicking it to cancel the bet. The next step is quite conventional – you have to fill in a fresh lay price in the calculator for matched betting. Place your lay bets at the currently available odds displayed on the exchange site.

Fixing the partially matched bet

As mentioned earlier, there are traits of an unmatched bet in a partially matched bet, too. You need to fix it to ensure that your lay doesn’t get wasted on the exchange site. You need to be cool-headed instead of hurrying in frenzy. You simply have to follow some easy steps to accomplish your goal.

Specific steps to fix the bet

These are the simple instructions you need to follow in a sequence:

  • Firstly, you have to cancel the unmatched portion of the lay bet
  • You have to open the betting calculation of the platform
  • Next, you need to select the mode that says ‘Part Lay’
  • You should enter the back stake, and then the back odds.
  • Next, you should enter the specific lay odds currently available, and also the associated lay commission
  • In the following step, you have to fill in the particular lay bet that you had matched on the exchange (the part that got validated)
  • After filling in the relevant details, the betting calculator would should you the amount that you must lay at the present odds and the profit or loss amount for your specific position. After you know these things, you have to fill in the fresh lay stake

Counter unmatched bet successfully

When you follow the above-mentioned steps, you can easily tackle the cases of unmatched and partial bets on the betting exchange platform. Use Profit Squirrel’s free part-matched bet calculator to resolve your partially matched bets when matched betting.

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