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What does Gubbing mean and how can you avoid it?

As a better, one of your main concerns centres on gubbing. Every bettor has an exclusive account that is officially used to place bets. When the account is flagged, you are unable to operate with it. The flagging of a betting account is known as Gubbing. You are unable to take advantage of free bets and other promotions with the account. You can’t place bets until its get reactivated by the respective bookmaker.

Limiting the scope of your betting account

A bookmaker monitors the activities of your betting account. They assess the dynamics and read the strategies you take in the long run. They try to find a pattern. If he observes that your strategies are hindering their business in extracting value from various bets, then they flag your account. You get a message or an e-mail, notifying the deactivation of your betting account. Its scope becomes limited. All products and services of the betting platform are not available to you, anymore.

Reactivating your account

In order to place the desired bets again, you need to reactivate the account. In order to do so, it is essential to know the reasons that flagged the account. Locating those reasons and rectifying the mistakes would allow you to avoid such situations in the future.

The specific reasons of Gubbing

There are some broad factors that are responsible for gubbing. Here, we discuss them in a nutshell. Note them down and try to think deeper about the possible precautions you can take to protect your account like a professional bettor.

Uni-dimensional focus on promotional offers

This is one of the major reasons for gubbing. You don’t concentrate on other services and products of the betting platform and constantly focus on the promotional offers of the service provider. In matched betting, this is a crucial factor that entices the bookmaker to flag your account. Your strategy becomes predictable to the bookmaker. The bookmaker tries to stop the outflow of money to your offers. They take the necessary step of gubbing your betting account. In this way, the bookmaker ensures that they don’t continuously lose value on different bets, due to you.

Earning too much, continuously

This is yet another instrumental factor that ignites the process of gubbing. The bookmaker is constantly on the look-out for bettors who earn too much, consistently. Due to such bettors, the concerned bookmaker is unable to extract the target value from various bets. As a result, your betting account would be gubbed. The bookmaker would notify you about this.

Using multiple accounts

Without any doubt, this is a grave reason, too, for your betting account to be gubbed. When you run multiple accounts under the same bookmaker, it is a high-risk zone. Very likely your accounts would be flagged. The bookmaker would notice the lack of transparency in the way you operate and earn profits, thus, decreasing his margins. He would take the required step against such activity. The tendency to run multiple accounts is terms as Gnoming.

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Making Money From Gubbed Accounts

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