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What are Extra Place Offers and How to Make Money out of them?

It is obvious searching for and applying more innovative yet simpler strategies in matched betting to ensure good profits from the bets. Most of the punters are in the lookout for lucrative strategies to extract more money from the bets. Extra Place Offers are great opportunities that give you a solid scope to earn from the bets you place in the market. There is a strong probability of receiving a high return on your bet. More importantly, you are able to achieve it by using a comparatively small outlay.

Extra Place Offers

In almost all sporting events, bookmakers often have an extra place for which they pay. They run exclusive promotions for this place that you can grab to earn more money as a matched bettor. These are simply known as Extra Place Offers. Usually, just before the beginning of major sports events, such offers are available aplenty.

A simple example

Take the case of a horse race. Suppose a bookmaker is paying for a horse to win any of the first 3 positions. In the situation of an extra place offer, the bookmaker also includes, as the name suggests, an additional place for which you can bet, and win profits. When the same horse wins position 4, you would be getting a profit.

Making money from Extra Place Offers

Now, the obvious question that would hover in your mind is earning money by utilizing the dynamics of Extra Place Offers. How can you achieve your goal? The principle is quite simple. The horse on which you place your bet needs to win the extra place offered by the bookmaker. When the horse is victorious exclusively at the extra place, you win money. Note that it is different from winning positions in usual situations.

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Cutting down the risk

It is natural to place a bet that reduces the risk of investing to a considerable extent. If you want to ensure that the loss is minimal when the horse does not win the extra place, you need to positively lay the each-way bet.

The role of Each Way bets

You have to carefully strategize on placing Each Way bets in order to win from the Extra Place Offers. In this kind of bet, you usually bet on the horse to win on any of the top ‘n’ number of places in the race. Note that the nature and scale of the event are determinants of the number of positions on which the bet can be placed.

The bet is divided into two prominent bets. Half of the selections are placed on the horse to win, and the other half goes to back the horse to gain lower positions. The conditions that the bet has to comply with are given by the particular bookmaker.

Integrating Each Way Bets in Extra Place Offers hugely supports your initiatives to win a significant amount of profit from matched betting.

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Look out for Extra Place Offers

Check out the platforms or profiles of various bookmakers for lucrative Extra Place Offers.

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