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Underlaying and Overlaying in Matched Betting: When to do it?

Matched Betting – Underlaying plus Overlaying

It is assumed that the reader has already a fair bit of knowledge about Matched Betting. If you are a punter who has been in the betting circuit for a while, then it is more or less obvious that you are aware of the basic features of Matched Betting.

The Laying techniques

Underlay and Overlay are fundamentally two broad techniques of laying your bet. In the arena of Matched Betting, these techniques are used frequently by bettors. You might have used them more than a single time. If you are a novice, then it is useful to know about these techniques in some details.

Eliminating the risk

The main objective of the lay techniques – both underlay and overlay – is to eliminate the risk involved in an offer that is non-risk in nature. You apply the techniques depending on the amount of varied profit that is associated to the bet’s outcome.

Underlaying a bet

Suppose you underlay a specific bet playing an offer by a bookmaker. If your bet is able to win, then there would be more profits for you. You need to do some calculations beforehand in order to underlay the bet and play it accordingly.

Overlaying a bet

Overlaying, as you might have grossly guessed, is the complete opposite to Underlaying, in terms of dynamics. When you overlay a particular bet, you expect the bet to lose at the specific bookmaker and therefore profit more from the betting exchange (lay bet). Note, in this case, the bet has to lose, and not win.

Laying an amount

In your betting ammunition, you should have these two techniques in order to sharper further your betting strategies, and remain convinced about earning profits. When you lay lesser than a standard amount of the laying the bet, it is Underlaying. When you lay more, it is Overlaying.

When should you Underlay?

You should be aware of the situations when you must use the strategy of Underlaying. Some of the broad cases are mentioned in the following points:

  • Bonus from a back bet loss – When you observed that your back has lost and you have received a bonus, it is the perfect time to Underlay in order to ensure a profit.
  • Offers that have wagering scope – When you come across sports betting equipped with huge wagering features, don’t hesitate to grab them for Underlaying.
  • Refund Offers – You can also take advantage of some of the refund offers from the bookmakers. But, don’t forget to go through the conditions before you Underlay.

 When should you Overlay?

The opportunities to implement an Overlay are less frequent, but still, when they are available, you can try to benefit from them by being strategic. For example, in cases when you receive a bonus from a back bet win, you can Overlay, and convincingly lock in the profit.

Hone your betting skills

It is important to constantly hone your skills in Underlaying and Overlaying for better results. Read various other blogs of Profit Squirrel to have better expertise. Also, watch the videos.

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Elizabeth Gold

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