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Top 5 Matched Betting Myths - Revealed!

Let's quickly explore the top 5 myths around Matched Betting and unravel the truth behind this quick and easy method to financial freedom. Thousands of people are learning how to make money online using Matched Betting with Profit Squirrel - The Best Place To Learn Matched Betting.

WATCH the video below to explore the top 5 myths surrounding matched betting.

1. It's Too Good To Be True

Making money online has always been either too complicated to master or takes too much time to learn before you see any rewards.

The fact that Profit Squirrel's service is available for anyone to make hundreds of pounds online, completely tax-free with only a few hours a week can seem too good to be true, right?

You'll be glad to know that what Profit Squirrel teach is mathematically risk-free and so you really are guaranteed to make money.

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Matched Betting is becoming very popular, credible sources including The Times, Money Saving Expert and The Guardian have reviewed Matched Betting and confirm that not only is it a great risk-free way to make money online, but that it's also not too good to be true!

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2. It Takes a Lot of Time to Make Huge Profits

Matched Betting doesn't take much time at all. The majority of our members have a full-time job. Matched Betting can be seen as more of a secondary income. If you spend around 1 hour each day, you'll be able to earn an extra £500 per month. However, some people have made it their full-time pursuit and are earning up to £2,000 a month!

If you need help achieving your first £500 in profit, contact Profit Squirrel's UK support team - we're here to help you make money.

3. Only The Welcome Offers Make You Good Money 

As you start Matched Betting you'll make a great amount of profit (up to £1,500) just from our Welcome Offers. However, as you complete these one-off offers, you'll also learn how to make £500+ every month with our ongoing daily offers.

Bookmakers love providing our members with ongoing offers - with so many sporting events happening all over the world on a daily basis, there's always going to be opportunities to make money with Matched Betting and earn a sustainable income all year round!

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4. Is Matched Betting Legal?

Matched Betting is a perfectly legal way to make guaranteed tax-free profits. What Profit Squirrel teach is mathematically proven to help you make money online. All your profits stem from bookmaker websites and any wins are classed as "gambling winnings" - but there's no gambling involved.

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5. I've Never Placed A Bet Before, This Can't Be For Me, Can It?

You'll be glad to know that most of our new members at Profit Squirrel have never placed a bet before in their lives. We completely understand this is a new concept for you to learn and that's why all our offers come with step-by-step guides, created with the newbie in mind.

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Jason Robertson

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