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Top 3 Matched Betting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Matched betting is undoubtedly an extremely lucrative method to earn great margins of profit, on a regular basis. When you gradually become an expert as a matched bettor, your monthly earnings soar. But, as a novice, there are some common mistakes, in which most of the bettors get trapped. Evidently, they don’t get the results they expect. These mistakes are completely avoidable. It is useful to know about the details of these typical mistakes in matched betting arena. Once you have the knowledge, it would be easy for you to counter them.

Mistake 1: Setting the Calculator in a wrong way

This is arguably the most common mistake committed by a matched bettor, especially when the person is new to the field. Calculators are extremely important to know about the specific profit margins that you can receive after the completion of the both back and lay bets. You get an idea about your earnings. But, at times, as a bettor, you forget to distinguish between crucial parameters such as normal setting, SNR setting for free bet, and the setting for SR.

Remedy – You need to understand the differences between the above-mentioned settings, and it is highly recommended to know about optimally using the calculator. On this note, you can refer to the excellent video tutorial series of Profit Squirrel, where all kinds of fundamental and advanced concepts are covered in details.

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Mistake 2: Getting trapped in Unmatched Bets

This is another mistake that is very common in the matched betting circle. When you are novice, there are high chances of getting entangled in the cobweb of unmatched bets, and unable to figure out the dynamics of the betting exchange. You need your bets to matched, so that you can proceed with the offer provided by the bookie. But, in some cases, beyond your control, the betting exchange does not give a suitable choice.

Remedy – There is a remedy, which is effective if you apply it strategically. You should ensure that the sports market has enough liquidity. It heavily increases the probability of being matched, through the options displayed on a betting exchange platform. If you are in a rapidly moving market, it could be a bit difficult to get the right matches. You should wait a bit, before locating a match, as in some events, such as horse races, a huge amount of money enters the circuit 10 minutes before the final outcome.

Mistake 3: Not tracking the results

This is yet another common mistake, and even some of the veteran bettors commit it. Don’t remain so confident that you don’t care tracking the events and the results, especially when you have bet in multiple matches. It would be a gross mistake from a practical viewpoint.

Remedy – It is an insightful measure to track the events with a spreadsheet in place, and also getting the relevant technical support from a top-rated platform such as Profit Squirrel. You would be in a position to improvise your strategies to cover risk, if any, and also improve your profit margins, simultaneously.

Happy (flawless) Matched Betting!

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Elizabeth Gold

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