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The Ultimate Step-by-Step Matched Betting Guide 2021

A nice guide for matched betting is what you need as a resource in 2021 to become an expert. Ensuring a legal second income is easy when you know about matched betting from an easy-to-understand guide, and applying the knowledge strategically. Continue reading to clearly know the relevant features and attributes of matched betting.

Matched Betting – a simple definition

When you bet on free promotions offered by various bookmakers, the process is called matched betting. It usually involves putting your bets on every possible outcome of a sporting event, such as a championship match. The term ‘matched’ is used because you match the free promotional offer of the bookie with an opposite offer on a reliable betting exchange.

Some Technical Jargon

It is useful to know the principal terms frequently used in the field of matched betting. They are:

  • Back bet – A bet that backs the occurrence of an outcome in an event
  • Lay bet – A bet that favors the non-occurrence of an outcome in an event
  • Betting exchange – A service platform where you can conveniently place your lay bets, for example Betfair’s exchange.
  • Fractional odds – Odds of an occurrence when expressed in terms of a fraction
  • Decimal odds – Odds of an occurrence when expressed in terms of a decimal

What is Back and Lay Betting? - Full Guide

Is betting experience/sports knowledge mandatory?

You would be delighted to know that there is absolutely no requirement to be an experienced bettor to be successful in the arena of matched betting. Moreover, it is not necessary to have deep knowledge in sports or in sporting events in order to participate as a punter and place your bets. All you have to do is read relevant blogs and following some good video tutorials of a trusted name in the industry, like Profit Squirrel, to gain expertise in matched betting.

Matched Betting – is it legal?

A common query hovers in the minds of most of the players – is the activity legal? Matched betting is totally a legal activity, and is growing at an accelerated rate as a lucrative platform to increase earnings from different types of free bet offers.

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Does Matched Betting involve Gambling?

There prevails a misconception among some of the novice bettors that matched betting might be a form of gambling. It is NOT! The conventional form of gambling involves a lot of risks, and, in some cases, it is illegal. No one can say the same things for matched betting.

Amount of money to begin with

You would be amazed to know how little you need to start your journey as a matched bettor. You can start from by investing a tiny amount of £25. Some of the opportunities allow you to place bets with an amount of £10, too!

What is average monthly earning?

It depends on your experience, nature of free offers, your investment amount, the type of sporting events, the odds, and similar other factors. From a practical viewpoint, your earnings could cross £500 per month after you become an expert, and even cross thousands of pounds when you are a veteran!

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Start you journey

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