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The meaning of Each Way in Matched Betting

Most of the punters don’t like to go beyond the traditional techniques to play matched betting. But, you should regularly evolve your strategies and diversify your ploy to place bets in a sharper manner. Here lies the significance of Each Way that you should not undermine if you want to stay competitive in the betting market.

More chance to win, but in lesser proportions

There are two main characteristics of Each Way, and they are:

  • You have a higher probability to win a bet
  • The amount of money you get from the bookie is lesser than the usual amount

Predicting a finisher at high positions

When you place a bet traditionally, you generally invest the whole amount of money on a single outcome, for example, a horse winning a race. If the horse wins, the bookmaker pays you the winning amount.

But in the case of Each Way, there is no need to go by the conventions. You simply have to predict about a horse that would be a high finisher in the race. Here, the bookmaker would pay you if the horse wins any of the first 4 positions in the race. Naturally, the payout amount would be less.

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Reduced odds

When you are placing your bet using Each Way, the odds of the bet are reduced. The horse on which you place your bet would get you money, but a lesser amount, when it get any of the ranks for which Each Way is applicable.

Factors for lessening the amount

You have to consider the factors that are instrumental in lessening the amount of payout to you. The conditions laid by the bookmaker, the market dynamics, the dynamics of the race, etc are crucial factors that lessen the amount.

The ideal markets

It is always helpful to know about the ideal sports market where you can place a particular kind of bet or fruitfully use a specific offer. In the case of Each Way, the most ideal or lucrative markets you can consider are golf and horse racing.

Placing the Each Way bet

You follow the same strategy of a winning bet while placing an Each Way bet. You have to firstly locate the market in which you want to bet. Then, you need to create a betting slip. The slip would reveal the total number of places for which the bookie is willing to give a payout. Usually, in cases of horse racing events, the bookie would give you a payout for the horse attaining any of the first 4 places in the race.

The manner in which Each Way pays you

Suppose your horse wins the race. You would obviously get the profit from the position 1 stakes. Also, the payout would give you money from the place parts.

Now, suppose your horse does not win the race but gets any of the other places for which Each Way is applicable. In this situation, you would not get anything from the win part. The particular place part of the bet would pay you.

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Elizabeth Gold

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