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Tennis Matched Betting Guide 2021 for Beginners

Tennis is amongst one of the most popular sports around the globe and it is increasingly popular with fans looking to get into betting. Tennis is the 3rd most followed sport for betting after Football and horse racing. You don't need to be a tennis betting expert to make money. There is a very simple risk-free way to make money from Tennis, it is called risk-free Matched Betting on tennis. 

To get hold of the Tennis Matched Betting technique you need to know what matched betting is? 

Tennis Matched betting guide for Beginners

Matched betting a mathematical technique that allows you to make money from free bets offered by online bookmakers. In matched betting, you bet on both sides, winning and losing, so you win no matter what happens. I know it sounds a little confusing for you, be assured by the end of this blog you know how Tennis matched betting works.

Before we go deep into Tennis Matched betting Techniques, let us understand some of the main Matched batting Terminology

Tennis Matched Betting Terminology

Backing or Back Bet - placing a bet on a specific outcome, for example, if you bet that Roger Federer will a match against Rafael Nadal, That means you have “backed” Roger Federer.

Laying or Lay Bet – placing a bet against a specific outcome; so if you were to “lay” Roger Federer, you would be betting that Roger Federer will not win – i.e. Roger Federer loses the match.

 - These are betting sites where you can place your Back Bet.

Bonus bets
 – Bookmakers offer bonus bets alongside normal sports betting bonuses, which are sometimes referred to as free bets.

Betting exchange
 – It allows bettors to place back and lay bets effectively against one another.

 - Betting odds are used by bookmakers as a way of presenting the likelihood of a specific outcome in an event, they are often written as fractions (2/1) or decimals (3.0).

Odds Matcher
 - OddsMatcher is very important if you are a beginner, as it goes through with bookmakers and exchanges to find close odds matches.  

Qualifying bet
 - To get free bets you need to need to place a qualifying bet.

I suppose now you have a better understanding of Bookmakers, exchanges, Back bet, Lay Bet, Oddsmatcher, and Qualifying bet. Always remember, Matched betting focuses on guaranteeing profit by accepting welcome bonuses – as well as other offers from bookmakers.

Matched Betting Example

Matched betting involves enabling free bets, while incurring a minimum – or no – loss. For example, Bet365, is offering a ‘Bet £10, Get £20” offer as a qualifying bet, which means you need to would spend your £10 free bet while laying it off on another betting website or exchange site to minimize your loss. For example, you bet on Roger Federer to win and lose and whatever happens, you will lose a small amount, say 50p. Yes, it may seem pointless right now. Now you can access your free bets by using the oddsmatcher to perform a similar bet on another match as it will help you to know how much you need to stake on these bets in order to lock in a profit. It thus allows you to turn bonus funds into cash, while incurring little or no cost to get them. 

Importance of Odds

Now let us understand the Importance of Odds in Tennis matched betting, always keep in mind that back odds and lay odds need to be very close. Sometimes finding the right odds on your own is almost a mission impossible, don't worry we here at profit squirrel can do that hard work for you.

How the Odds Work?

Let's suppose you want want to place a bet of £10 bet on a player listed at odds of 1.75 to win an upcoming match. If that player wins, How much profit will you make on your bet?

Your Profit = (£10*1.75)-£10
Your Profit = (£17.50) – £10
Your Profit = £7.50

List of other types of betting for Tennis

Over Under Betting
This is basically a two-way bet, where the bettor put money on the number of games or sets being more or less than the number offered.

Outright Betting
In outright Betting, a winner of a tournament is picked, this could require as many as seven individual match victories.

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