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Risk-Free Matched Betting Is Possible? No-Risk Matched Betting - Beginners Guide For 2021

When it comes to betting, many of you remain in dilemma, about its prospects and your chances to avoid risk, winning profit margins. Matched Betting is no doubt a wonderful way to boost your income. But, it is essential to know about the riskless factor associated to it. You must have asked a question to yourself and to customer support of various betting platforms – is it possible for matched betting to be risk-free? The short and simple answer is – YES.

Get the basics first

It is not difficult to understand the risk-free dynamics of matched betting. You need to get accustomed to a few terms (not very technical) and proceed thereafter to know various related details. Once you are in a position to easily interpret the different dimensions of a basic bet in matched betting, there would be absolutely no problem to grasp the riskless attributes of the activity.

The general concept/idea (how it is risk-free)

  • You get free bets and similar offers from various bookmakers, especially where you are new customer on their platforms.
  • You have to place two distinct bets in matched betting.
  • The first bet would be on the website of the particular bookmaker.
  • The second bet would be on the platform of the betting exchange.
  • The second bet is put to cover losses, if any, from the first bet.
  • When the results are put for an event, say, a Premier League match, your account is credited with the amount as calculated in the free bet offer.
  • You repeat exactly the same process, and after both bets are completed, you receive a profit earning.
  • You simply need to hang out, patiently and strategically.
  • The process might seem a bit convoluted when you first read about it, but, at the end of the day, it is quite simple.

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Back bet

Back bet is traditional in nature, and you need to carry out on the platform of a bookie. For example, you put money in favor of a team winning a match, qualifying you straightway for the offer made by the bookie.

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Lay bet

You play the lay bet on the site of a trusted betting exchange, concerning the same event. The lay bet is in favor of the opposite result, contrary of the outcome for which you play the back bet.

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The outcome and its risk-free nature

There would obviously an outcome. Either the team would win, or it the match would be a draw, or the team on which you had put a back bet would lose. Both the back bet and lay bet would cancel out each other. But, you would win your free bet, from the bookie, in a totally risk-less manner. The profit margin would be transferred to your account.

How much can you earn?

This is a bit subjective question and there is no definite question. Some of the veterans matched bettors earn more than £5000 per month! Begin with small earnings, gain some experience, and gradually, you would witness a growth in the profit margin.

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