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Raise Money for Your Big Day



  • 59% of brides do most of their wedding planning alone
  • 20% borrow money to fund their special day
  • Only 22% are prepared to reduce budget


According to You & Your Wedding magazine, 50% of brides expect to go over budget to get the day of their dreams.

Gentlemen, get ready to put up with the pressure of providing the love of your life with a special day they will never forget.

You’ll need to prepare and set a budget. It’s important to make the moment special for you, close friends and family – so, what’s it going to cost? On average £20,500.
efore you start to worry about how you'll cover wedding expenses – there’s a new way to raise money online – thanks to Profit Squirrel.

Profit and plan your dream wedding using Profit Squirrel 

If you and your partner join Profit Squirrel earning £500 per month, within a year, you’ll have an extra £12,000 at your disposal.

How you wish to spend your money is completely up to you.  Still looking to propose? Why not join Profit Squirrel to help pay for an engagement ring, or use the money to help cover the top 10 expenditures over a wedding:

 Top 10 wedding expenditure (average)

  1. Venue (£3,397) 
  2. Honeymoon (£3,164)
  3. Food (£2,882)
  4. Engagement ring (£1,772)
  5. Drink (£1,187) 
  6. Wedding Dress (£1,098)
  7. Photography (£992)
  8. Entertainment (£692) 
  9. Video (£659)
  10. Bride’s wedding ring (£479)

Let's raise money for your big day

Join Profit Squirrel for free today and bring your dream wedding to reality. Sign up for free

Jason Robertson

Jason Robertson

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I dedicate my spare time to making Matches so I can spoil my 3 little angels. A teacher from Merseyside, love cooking and reading. Liverpool's #1 fan!

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5 years ago

This doesn't surprise me one bit. My sister got married in November, spent over £25k !

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