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Matched Betting Student Guide

Are you a student, searching for some easy opportunities to earn money online? Perhaps you can use the money to partially pay tuition costs, or cover a part of your living. There are several options usually available in the market. But if you are serious about this and want to avoid some petty measures, then the recommendation would be to go for matched betting.

What exactly is matched betting?

The definition of matched betting is simple. It is a type of betting technique. You can employ the technique to use free bets of specific bookmarkers and earn money from the results of a game, say, a football match. In general, it doesn’t involve any risk.

Matched Betting For Dummies - Complete Guide

Based on concrete Mathematics

Matched betting is not based on some vague chances or probability approximations. The betting relies on full-proof mathematical equations that guarantee a positive result. There are sets of various such equations.

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Following an online platform

It is wise to follow the instructions and guidelines of an online platform that teaches the various nuances of matched betting. You rapidly come across the basic concepts of matched betting. After understanding the fundamentals, you can proceed to the more advanced concepts of the field. Keep in mind to refer a superior quality, reputed betting platform for valuable information.

What is a BACK bet?

One of the two broad betting terms is a BACK bet. It is simply backing a result that is yet to occur. For example, if you bet on the outcome that England would win the World Cup Semi-final, then it is called a BACK bet.


What is a LAY bet?

The exact opposite of a BACK bet is a LAY bet. You would, in this case, bet that England would not win the World Cup semi-final match. (Note that in a league match, not winning it is also about drawing the match).

What is Back and Lay Betting? - Full Guide

From where do the profits come?

In matched betting, you actually match a bet against yourself. You deal in a betting framework that combines both your BACK bet and LAY bet. You challenge your own bet by betting against it. You are certain to win either of those. This helps you to book a profit.

What’s the percentage of free bet amount?

Usually, when you win, you get about 95% of the free bet amount. The service provider or the betting exchange gets the rest 5%. These figures may vary a little bit as per the business models of various betting exchanges.

Double-check even though there is no risk

It is always better to double-check the details of your bet when you are placing it. As there is rarely any risk involved, you might become casual with the deal. Try to avoid this and stay focused on your bet. This is good practice from a long-term perspective of earning more profits and becoming a betting expert.

How to Start Matched Betting? - Beginner's Guide

Visit a top site

You should explore the different functionalities of a betting exchange or platform before you dive deep into this exciting activity. Get some expertise and then begin your betting adventure.

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