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Make Money from Gubbed Accounts

Are you suffering from the pangs of a gubbed account? Worried about how to increase profits…? There is absolutely no need to panic as the article presents you some really simple and practical ways to put your gubbed account into good use. Believe it or not, you can make money even from your gubbed account.

Firstly, what is basically a gubbed account?

A gubbed account is an account under a bookmaker platform that is not eligible for any kinds of free offers or bonuses. So, with a gubbed account, you would not be able to benefit from the free offers of the bookmaker, as you have already used them too much from your profile, reducing the profits of the service provider.

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Set your strategies correctly

If you have the right strategies in place, then there is no problem in earning a good stream of money using your gubbed account. You should know the techniques and apply them accordingly to put a gubbed account to your advantage. You can either stick to a single strategy or mix multiple strategies to ensure a stable income stream even using a gubbed account under a bookmaking platform, without hassles.

Try to lift the restriction of gubbing

This is probably the most basic step you can take, especially when you are a novice. But, keep in mind that in cases of heavily restricted accounts, this measure is not going to work. You should remain inactive with your account to lift gubbing. A change in mind of the bookmaker can also work in your favor. You could also perform some light mug betting to impress the bookmaker.


Arbing is another method that you can consider to get rid of a gubbed account. But again, you need to be careful with this method. Your account might get totally closed by the bookmarker. It is obviously better to exploit the gubbed account as much as you can to leave no stones unturned in extracting profits from various betting platforms. If you are not expert at Arbing, then you might like to avoid this altogether.

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Signing up with bookmakers who are friendly to Arbing

This is actually quite a smart move. You need to do a bit of research and sign up with those bookmakers who don’t mind Arbing to a certain extent. You could feel relieved while applying Arbing when your account gets gubbed, because due to the indulgence of the specific bookmaker, the account would not be closed.

Exploiting the opportunities provided by Price Boosts

On certain occasions, even though your account has been gubbed, you could avail the benefits of price boosts on the website of the bookmaker. You can squeeze some of the last profits by using these opportunities, without any requirement to use free offers or bonuses.

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Trying out Dutching

Dutching is another effective measure that you can apply to cancel out the restrictions of a gubbed account, and use the account to gain significant profits from the betting market.

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Why not start fresh with a new set of accounts? Profit from all the low-hanging fruits provided by bookmaker sign-up offers, and the regular offers too. Controlling more than one account is perfectly legal, however, you must have permission from the account owner.

So, which of these methods you think suits you the most?

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