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Major Concepts helping you to earn profits from Casino offers through Matched Betting

By digging the potential of a wide spectrum of casino offers, you can win big through matched betting strategies. Before you set your strategies, it is crucial to know some fundamentals in this regard. Read along to know about major types of casino offers.

Risk-Free Offers

You mainly get a specific number of free spins under risk-free offers. You might also get a bonus. There is no requirement of deposing any money. There are usually imposing wagering requirements. But the benefit of such offers is they are totally free of risks.

Free Spin Wager

This is a common category of offers. Basically, this is a deal between the service provider and you, where you need to wager a particular amount of money, in lieu of a specific number of free spins. In free spins, you don’t have to utilize any funds from your offers. The number of free spins depends on the amount needed for wagering.

Wagering for Bonus

Under this category of casino offers, you need to wager a portion of your money to earn a bonus. Again, in certain cases, you need to wager further to increase the extent of the bonus.

Wagering to earn free bets

There are some casino offers where you can earn free bets in lieu of wagering. Such offers are often part of the promotional tactics of the service provider.


There are also some offers that provide you a Cashback for signing up on the platform or referring the site for new sign-ups. Some of the products and services on the platform have such provisions, too.

Strategy for matched betting using casino offers

You need to take a balanced approach in order to earn profits from casino offers. The matched betting strategies are required to be mixed in the right proportion. You have to make a portfolio of all three offers – no risk, low risk, and high risk. An important point to note is playing in large volumes and continuing to do so in the long run. The accumulated returns in the long run would be promisingly positive.

The concept of RTP

RTP or Return to Player is basically the average or mean amount of money you expect to earn after playing a series of casino games. The value of RTP varies according to the categories of casino games. The general approach to take in this context is going for the casino offers with the highest RTP.

The concept of Variance

When you play casino games multiple times, your returns would vary. Suppose you play three times. For the first time, you win £10, then you lose£4 and after that, you win £15. So, there is a distinct variation in your level of returns. This change is measured by variance. It actually tells you about your long term profits.

Wagering requirement

A wagering requirement is a playing obligation. In order to withdraw your wins (or bonus), you need to play a specific number of times. Here’s an example of wagering; let’s say you’re given a £10 bonus to play on any casino game, but the terms state you need to wager x10 the bonus value before you can withdraw any profits. This means you’ll need to wager £100 before you can withdraw. If you lose before the wagering is completed, this is known as going “BUST”. We don’t mind if this happens as the £10 bonus was rewarded risk-free from the casino.

The concept of Expected Value (EV)

EV is simply the rough estimate of an amount you expect to earn after completing a particular casino offer.

Dig deeper into concepts

For detailed explanations, refer to the contents of Profit Squirrel.

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