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Kids Are Back To School. Spend Your Spare Time Making Money

The summer holidays have been joyful and a little hectic with trying to keep the kids entertained and not destroy the house over 6 weeks. The sunny weather motivated me to spend quality time with kids outside and soak in some sun myself! It’s also been a summer filled with sports that have kept most of us entertained as well; The Rio Olympics, Euro’s and Wimbledon so that was very pleasing to watch.

Now the kids are going back school, the house will now be eerily quiet. As a housewife, I didn’t really think about what to do with all the spare time in-between the usual stuff I do daily whilst watching every movie starring this hunk...!

Then I discovered something a really interesting website called Profit Squirrel. They show you how to turn your spare time into making money from home. It’s recommended you spend 8-12 hours sporadically each week to attain £500+ each month, I’m nowhere near that just yet, however I’m 4 days in and already made £260! My neighbor is a member of Profit Squirrel for 3 months now and only mentioned it last week. She’s banked over £1,800 so far which I think is incredible, especially as Christmas is fast approaching. I would love to make the most of my free time now the kids have gone back to school, maybe even spoil them at Christmas if they behave! I like the idea of accumulating enough to take the family on a Ski trip in January. My personal aim is to make £2,000 by December.

Profit Squirrel also offer a 100% profit-guarantee. This means if you don’t make a profit they’ll give your membership fee back plus £500 cash! I was instantly sold and now I’m looking forward doing something extra with my weekdays.

I would suggest Profit Squirrel to anyone who reckon they can spare a few hours per week. It took me around one hour to grasp the how it all works and bank my first £20! Join Profit Squirrel today and give it a go!

I hope you've found this useful ladies!

To Your Success

Emily Dawking

Emily Dawking

Squirrel Blogger

Housewife from London, previously worked 8 years for a PR agency until I had my beautiful twin boys.

Comments (2)



5 years ago

Some people work full-time and earn the extra £500 with PS on top! Just have to manage your time that's all :)



5 years ago

I work full-time and my wife does part-time hours on Profit Squirrel. Overall we are up around £600 each month because of it. Covers the mortgage and then some!

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