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How to Withdraw Money from a Betting Site

In the past, we wrote a blog about Fast Withdrawal or Payout betting sites in the UK. I know now you are curious that how you can withdraw money from a betting site. Withdrawing money from online bookmakers is pretty much the same though there may be a few minor differences from site to site. Without wasting much time let's dig into some of the important things you need to take care before you process withdrawals.

How to withdraw money from a betting site

Identity Verification is a must

Identity verification is very vital and very important. all the bookmakers will verify different identity information like age, name, place of residence, and other vital details. This very verification is quite speedy and it is done only once that too at the time of your first withdrawal request. Keep in mind if your verification fails, the bookmaker will hold your withdrawal request unless and until you provide the correct details.

The identity details that you need to share with the bookmaker, in general, include a driving license, passport, or another form of a photo ID and monthly electricity bill in order to provide your proof of your address. You need to upload all these details to the bookmaker's site. Once these are validated by the security team, you are good to go with the withdrawal request.

Now Request a withdrawal

Once your identity is verified you can go for a withdrawal request and this process is very much the same for all the bookmakers. You need to login into your bookmaker account, go to the banking section and select your preferred withdrawal option. After doing so, now choose the payment method, fill in the amount you want to cash out and at last confirm the withdrawal request.

Remember it is very vital to opt for the right payment method, in my opinion, you should go for Debit card withdrawal or bank transfer. 

Payment Process

Once you initiate a withdrawal request, the bookmakers at first check will process a fraud check in order to ensure the authenticity of the withdrawal request and to ensure that it is actually you. Once, These fraud checks are particularly thorough and if everything is ok then the bookmaker sends the payment via your chosen payment method.

Transaction Receipt

You can see the transaction receipt once log in to your betting account. In most of the scenarios, you will receive your payment in time. In case, if you see the transaction is still pending, you should contact your betting site's customer care department. In case, if the receipt says the payment is done but not reflecting in your bank account, in such a scenario you should contact your bank for an update.

Tips for fast and easy withdrawals

Right Payment method - As we have discussed earlier, it is very vital to opt for the right payment method. You can either go for a debit card or bank transfer which are most preferred and widely used, the downside is that it can take up to 1-5 banking days to refect the payment. Else you can go for eWallet like PayPal or Skrill which are pretty fast for withdrawals but these Ewallet also comes with some drawbacks which include, deposits are often ineligible for welcome offers and not supported by some of the Bookmakers

Correct Information - If you wish your withdrawal experience to be smooth and easy make sure that you provide correct information at the time of sign up because you won't be able to initiate the withdrawal process if the paperwork is not complete.

Choose the right bookmaker - Bookmakers are the ones who send you the payments, if they are not trustworthy or not good enough you can suffer delaying payments or failing to payout. Make sure the bookmaker that you choose is licensed and regulated by a reputable authority. You can go with some of the best online bookmakers in the industry which includes Bet 365, Willam Hills, Ladbrokes, and 888Sport.

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