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How to Use a Matched Betting Calculator

When you are into matched betting, it is always useful to remain equipped with all the relevant knowledge and tools that could help you earn more. You know about the basic terms and their functionalities – that’s fine! But, you should also be surer about the profit margin you could achieve, considering various kinds of quantitative betting data that you have under your account. To be precise, a simple yet feature-rich matched betting calculator is what you require for betting more confidently.

What can you actually do with a matched betting calculator?

Are you confused about the exact amount you should lay on a particular betting exchange? A standard and reliable matched betting calculator is here to help you. By using the attributes of the calculator, you would be able to know the money you need to lay on the exchange. The tool simplifies the overall process of betting. You become aware of stakes/odds for a specific bet and set your strategies accordingly. When you use a stable, dedicated calculator, earning profits would not be a difficult process, irrespective of the bet’s outcome.

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Specialized functionality of calculator

The exclusive focus of the matched betting calculator remains on determining profit margins accounting for the betting odds. From this perspective, it is also termed as a betting odds calculator.

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Betting Odds Calculator – the core objective

Broadly speaking, you basically use the calculator to ascertain betting amounts on various types of bets. Whether you are participating in qualifying bets or free bets, there would be absolutely no doubt in your mind about the amount of money you are going to lay in the exchange. The calculator is also effective in determining the amount of risk-free bets. The calculator displays you the exact amount and help in your predictions.

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Provides you the data that matters

You need to simply put together a few inputs in the calculator, and the matched betting tool would give you an expected result with respect to the matched bet. Lay bet’s outcome or corresponding dynamics of the back bet can’t influence the expected result that the matched betting calculator shows.

You must have a certified account

In order to freely use a matched betting calculator, it is essential to have a legal account under your name in the concerned betting exchange. Moreover, you should be qualified to avail the provision of a free bet offer. The offer could also be a promotional bet.

Placing lay bets with the calculator

The fundamental steps of laying a bet using a calculator are same for all types of standard matched betting calculator, as enumerated below:

  • Selecting the betting type that you need to calculate
  • In the following step, you should enter the specific stake size corresponding to the promotional or free bet
  • Then, you must enter the back bet’s odds
  • Adding the respective lay bet’s odds
  • Hitting the ‘CALCULATE’ button for determining the expected profit

Use a reputable calculator

Entering correct information in the calculator is vital, to receive helpful result. Using a feature-rich, simple matched betting calculator is recommended.

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