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How To Profit From Accumulators? Make Money From ACCA

In the world of betting and offers, it is always useful to learn the various avenues that you can explore and exploit to earn profits, reducing the involved risk. In recent years, matched betting has become hugely popular due to its user-friendly features, applications, and constant technical support from respective service providers, in a transparent framework. You can earn profits, by registering to a trusted platform, and harnessing the potential of Accumulators. It is important to know a few basic things about an Accumulator.

What is an Accumulator (ACCA)?

The other name for an accumulator is a combination bet. Many experts also call it a multiple bet. The bet involves two or more than two selections under a single bookmaker within the same bet slip. There are two types of ACCA:

  • Straight-line bets: In this type of accumulator bets, each and every selection related to the best must be convincingly settled as a winner, if you want to win the bet.
  • Permutation bets: In this type, you don’t place a single bet on the selections you have. Instead of that, a good number of smaller bets are strategically placed. (Note – permutation bets have no role to play in matched betting)

Understanding an offer

It is crucial to understand the betting offer you have. Without knowing the details and the primary attributes it has, you are not able to exploit the potential of an ACCA. Check out what the offer has to say and then proceed accordingly with confidence.

Knowing the EV

It is extremely essential to know the EV (Expected Value) of a particular offer when you go for playing ACCA. Compare the EVs of various offers in order to set your strategies. After you have assesses and calculated the EVs, you can place the bet to earn profit from the accumulator.

Get details about the Variance

How are your returns going to vary when you are placing multiple bets, or continue playing for a longer period? The variance would give you an idea of the long-term benefit of the accumulated returns. Calculate the variance before diving deeper into betting, as this is an important factor that determines your profit-earning prospects.

Using ACCA for full-time results

A good opportunity to play ACCA is using it for full-time results. Of course, in this case, you need to consider the odds and historical information on the previous clashes of the teams.

Using ACCA to bet on both the teams to score

This is yet another avenue where you can use ACCA. In this case, too, it is important to know what the results in their previous matches were, and how they fared in them. With a good strategy, you can earn big.

Using a reliable betting calculator

One of the crucial things to do is using a reliable and accurate betting calculator in order to calculate the various parameters associated to playing ACCA, in a wide range of offers and situations. It would certainly help you to read the situation from a quantitative perspective.

Profit Squirrel teaches you using Accumulators

Resort to strategies and tips from Profit Squirrel, for correctly harnessing the power of Accumulators.

Free Guide: Learn Matched Betting Fast 

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