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How to Matched Betting with Multiple Accounts?

How many accounts do you have as a punter? The norm is using a single account, from a bookmaker platform, registered under your name; especially you are starting as a fresh bettor. But, gradually, when you are able to spot better opportunities in the field, you begin to use multiple accounts, under your different family members. There are various considerations in this regard, as you have to check out the legality and betting limitations in a regulatory framework. The blog tries to put these aspects forward in a simple framework.

Get permissions firstly

When you intend to use accounts of your family members for matched betting to increase your chances of earning more, ask for permissions to create such accounts or use existing accounts. Don’t try to get involved in an activity without getting prior permission, as it is ethically incorrect, and might also land you in legal trouble.

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Three crucial information pieces

There are three distinct elements of information that should be very clear when you plan to use multiple accounts for matched betting. The first one is the IP address you use. The second piece of information is the postal address. The third element on the list is the details of bank account.

Postal address

As you have already guessed, the postal address associated to each account you use should be different to each other. It is recommended to use two different post addresses from two different accounts. In recent times, there have been a few bookmaker platforms that let the player to use two accounts registered under two different names, from the same postal address.

Bank account

This is another important part of getting involved in matched betting from multiple accounts. The individual who accounts you would be using should have a separate bank account registered under his name. Moreover, ensure that you control the dynamics of this specific account, including possessing its debit card. At times, there could be some verification process at the bank. For obvious reasons, the original individual under whose name the account has to visit the bank. If the person is aged and his bank account remains unused most of the time, an alternative arrangement could be made.

IP address

You have to be really careful while using the computer through which you access a specific account at the bookmakers. You can’t afford to use the same IP address for two different accounts. If it happens, then your original account would get cancelled. You should enquire with your friends or veteran matched bettors about reliable VPN service providers. Select a trusted name in the industry to use different IP addresses for different accounts.

Is this illegal?

Probably the commonest question on this topic is – is participating in matched betting from multiple accounts genuine and legal? Multi Accounting is completely legal, so long as you receive the account holder’s permission.

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