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How to Make Money from Matched Betting Without Free Bets

Profiting Without Free Bets How to Do It

You might have focused more on free bets due to their simplicity and convenience to help you earn profits. But did you know that there are avenues and opportunities that let you earn a handsome amount of money from the betting market even without free bets?

You simply have to pick the right strategy to place your bet. A bit of preparation and insight would assist you in gaining expertise in different aspects of matched betting. There is no need to depend on free bets as offered by various bookmakers and betting platforms.

5 Ways To Make Money from Matched Betting Without Free Bets


2 UPS is one of the most lucrative offers if played strategically. Take the example of a football match in order to understand its basics.

When your team outclasses its opponent by 2 goals, you earn a profit. Subsequently, you have the opportunity to trade out the lay bet you have. You may also hope for a comeback by the opponent. Here, both of your bets garner a win. It is you discretion about deciding on the stakes.

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Price Boosts

You can utilize the potential of Price Boosts to earn profits without relying on various free bets.

Prices boots fall under a specific category of promotions. In this case, the odds offered by the bookmaker are deliberately kept higher than those of the betting exchange. These are particularly promotional odds. From there, you can easily locate the price boosts exclusive from Arbs. Keep in mind to use Price Boosts in a balanced way. It means, doesn’t use the ploy limitlessly.

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Extra Places

These are the more advanced forms of offers in the field of matched betting that are not free bets.

You have a place bet. The bookmaker keeps an offer to declare you a winner on that bet. Suppose you are betting in a horse race, then you bet both on the victory of the horse and the chances of it ranking lower. Don’t forget to use a trusted betting calculator in order to get an idea on your probable earnings.

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Refund Offers

These are the more rare kinds of offers nowadays. You receive cash refunds under these offers. In order to use them, firstly, you have to place a trigger bet. If the trigger bet loses and simultaneously some special conditions are met, then you receive the refund from the bookmaker. But refund offers have dried up in recent times. The bookmakers would rather prefer to give you free bets. Read the conditions of the service provider before you place the bet.

Casino Offers with Low-risk

You don’t have to solely depend on the sports bets for earning profits from bookmakers if you strategically utilize the potential of casino offers. They are considered to be the ideal offers that are not free in nature. You can pick a slot and put the stake on it. You can also do the same with a casino game. You would earn the profit from free spins, or even from associated bonus.

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Pick any offer

Pick any of these offers suiting your style of play.

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