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How to Make Money from Free Bets?

You might have noticed several times plenty of free bets on bookmaker websites. They are used by the bookies to woo new customers to use their sites, for placing back bets in favour of a specific event. Free bets are common on such platforms.

What actually are free bets?

Free bets are, as the term suggests, bets free of cost, where you don’t have to pay any money even if you lose the bet. The offers that you get from the bookmakers generally vary in value, and overall dynamics, in most cases. You usually have the flexibility to choose a free bet offer, when you are placing a bet with bookmakers.

Why are bookmakers not concerned about free bets?

Top-notch experienced bookmakers are least concerned about offering the customers free bets and similar bonuses, because, in the long run, they earn a huge profit. So, they don’t mind losing money on free bet offers.

How do these bets work?

The dynamics is pretty simple. The bookmaker gives you a particular selection of free bets. You have to pick one and place a back bet. Then, you need to go to a betting exchange platform like Betfair and place a lay bet on the same selection. That’s all! The bets balance each other and you, in all probability, earn a profit. Winnings from free bets can be withdrawn without any type of restriction.

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Locating free bet choices and implementing effective strategies

It is essential to have a set of strategies in your bag, after knowing the selections you can make when opting for free bets at a bookmaker. When you judiciously implement the right ploys, there are chances of winning, even winning big, from free bet offers. On this note, some of the crucial points are discussed in a nutshell as following.

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Checking the particular terms

You have to mandatorily check out the terms and conditions of free bet offers before you choose and play. When the bet meets specific criteria and matches your objectives, you can go for it. Check for details whether the bet is needed to be placed under certain sports category or it is more general in application. Also, you need to note its expiry date.

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Placing the free bets at high odds

You can place the qualifying bets at low odds. But, this is not the case with free bets. You have to place them at high odds, in order to increase the chances of earning more. Obviously, there would be a higher profit margin for you, as the opportunity given by a free bet offer would be put to good use.

The back and lay odds should be very close

You should go for the back and lay odds that are as closes to each other as possible. If the degree of closeness is high, then you would be able to earn more cash from the free bets offers by the bookmaker platform.

Also, going for higher odds when matching off a free bet will extract more guaranteed profits. Learn more about how to maximise your free bet profits over on Profit Squirrel’s YouTube channel.

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Start digging free bets on a reliable platform

It is hoped that you are now ready to use free bets to earn some ‘easy money’!

The best place in the UK to learn about matched betting is with Profit Squirrel, using our incredible and risk-free method. Thousands of our members are earning over £500 each and every month. Sign Up For Free Here!

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