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How to Boost Your Profits in Matched Betting

You might have been well-versed with the free bets offered by the bookmakers for quite some time, and looking for more advanced ways to earn more profits. There are many more options than mere free bets to help you excel in the field of matched betting. Some of the broad strategies or avenues are discussed through the following points. You can pick any of the strategies or mix multiple strategies to sharpen your expertise in matched betting.

Using several betting exchanges

When you begin with the exciting opportunities of matched betting, you generally register an account in your name under a single betting exchange. It is normal to begin with a specific betting exchange. But as you learn the rules of the game and become an expert, it is rational to open numerous accounts under various betting exchanges. This diversifies your scope to earn profits. You can also make a portfolio of placing different bets.

Considering more bookmakers

Does this seem a bit obvious? But the truth is, most players don’t think of multiple bookmakers when placing bets. They simply revolved their strategies around a few bookmakers in the market. It is indeed a wise idea to go for more number of bookmakers when you are thinking of earning a regular stream of income from matched betting. More number of bookmakers would invariably mean you would be coming across more varieties of offers that you can mix and balance in the arena of matched betting.

Focusing on the Advantage Play

You can’t win always. You might have already experienced offers in which you had an edge initially but ultimate could not reap in as much profits as you had expected. You need to concentrate on Advantage Play that provides you an opportunity to profit from a loss, in situations when your stake is supported by a lay bet. In most cases, Advantage Play has a good expected value in overall returns in the long run.

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Casino offers

You can never ignore the importance of casino offers when you are aiming to use advanced strategies in matched betting to earn more. One of the striking features of the casino offers is they often offer you multiple expected values for the best place. You should start with an offer that is risk-free or has a low-risk factor associated to it. The popularity of using casino offers is growing with each passing day.

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Price Boosts

These types of strategies are sometimes overlooked by the players. A small amount of profit from a single bet could be the reason. But Price Boosts have the assurance of helping you earn small profits several times, consistently. They add up to a huge sum of money that you can’t undermine.

Partner Friendly Bookmakers

There’s a lot of low hanging profits to make from the matched betting sign up offers, why not repeat them! Most bookmakers are known as “partner-friendly” which means even if you have more than one person living at your address, they can also qualify for the free bets and bonuses upon creating new matched betting accounts.

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Other additional strategies

Don’t remain satisfied with the strategies mentioned here. You are always free to learn more diversified strategies and hone your skills in matched betting. You need to interact more with the betting experts and learn the tricks of the trade.

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