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How to Avoid Bookmakers or Betting Sites Ban

If you are a beginner in matched betting, you should know how to avoid Bookmakers or Betting Sites Ban. Bookmakers can limit or close your accounts anytime if they feel that you are exploiting offers and odds for matched betting. In this blog, we will let you know the best practices you can follow to avoid these bans. 

We don't want you to deal with a limited or closed betting account, we should know some of the very main reasons for the ban.

Top Reasons why Bookmakers Restrict or Close Betting Accounts

We have collected a list of information about the top reasons why Bookmakers Restrict or Close your betting accounts, We assume after reading this list you will have a broader idea of what bookmakers take into consideration when it comes to restricting accounts.

Exploit Promotional Offers

Bookmakers can limit or restrict your betting account if they feel that you have exploited their bonuses and promotional offers. They do provide a huge number of promotions and bonuses but they don't want the bettors to exploit it. These lucrative offers and bonuses are offered to bring in new customers. They want their clients to win but not too big, they want you to make small profits.

You Win Too Much

Everyone wants to win, yes it is good to win but in the eyes of the bookmakers, it is not great if you win too much. Too many wins in a short period will eventually increase your chances of getting your Account banned or limited. Bookmakers will make a loss if you win too much too frequently. 

Matched Betting

Bookmakers are not a big fan of Matched Betting, it is a form of bonus abuse. Mаtched bеtting is a bеtting technique used by individuals to profit from the free bets and incentives offered by bookmakers. Since you are taking advantage of free money to guarantee returns you are not in the good books.

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Potential Arbitrage

Bookmakers don't like Arbitrage practices, if you don't know what Arbitrage is, is the art of making a small riskless profit by placing bets on both sides of a market. It is also referred to as arbing when you place wagers on both outcomes of an event when there is a large gap between the odds at two different sportsbooks. If the Bookmaker identifies your accounts with Arbitrage activities it can limit or ban your betting accounts.

Betting on Niche Market

If you are getting a handsome amount of profit from your niche market it can certainly grab the Bookmakers attention. If you win regularly on your niche market suppose Football, the bookmaker might presume that you might have come up with some mechanism to beat the spirit of gambling. If you win too frequently on your niche market you will promptly get restricted or banned.

Duplicate Accounts

This is one of the most common mistakes beginners do, they make duplicate accounts in an attempt to abuse bonuses and promotional offers. Sometimes they sign up to a betting site with multiple fake aliases by doing so you are breaking their terms, and the law, and you will be banned if caught.

Tips to Avoid Bookmakers Ban

Do Not Abuse Promotional Offers

Do not abuse promotional offers or do not restrict your activities only to bet on promotions. Make a habit to do a small deposit on your own from time to time, especially when you are lucky with promotional offers. By doing so you can avoid Bookmaker's ban.

Use small bankroll for matched betting and arbing

If you want to make risk-free money using matched betting or arbing please do not use a big bankroll for betting, to ditch a ban try to lose some bets so that bookmakers may feel squared. Do not do matched betting frequently as it can always grab the Bookmaker's attention. If you are so serious about Arbing, you should consider placing mug bets from time to time. By placing mug bets, you’re less likely to have your account flagged a potential problem account.

Don't be too obvious when betting on niche market

Yes, you have all the right to bet on any niche you are specialized in but don't make it too obvious, if you want to avoid a ban, try to occasional interest in variety. There is no harm in losing some pounds if you can make up for the losses on your specialized niche betting.

Do not create duplicate accounts

As we have already discussed the consequences of have duplicate accounts on the Bookmakers website. It is wise not to open a duplicate account under your spouse or anyone else as it can save your betting account from being getting banned.

Keep Withdrawals and Deposits to minimum

If you have a habit to deposit and withdraw funds very frequently please change that habit. Every deposit and withdrawal from your betting account costs the sportsbook a fee through their bank or payment processor. The less frequently you deposit and withdraw from your account, the lesser the chance of getting banned or restricted.

Bet Round Stakes

The last tip for avoiding Bookmakers Ban is to bet in round numbers whenever possible. Instead of betting stakes like £10.5 or £15.47 it is better to place a wager of £10.00 or £15 rounded to the pound. Because if you don't use round number stakes, you’re most likely to be flagged as a potential arbitrager and that can lead to an account restriction.

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