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Horse Racing Matched Betting Guide 2021 for Beginners

Horse racing is one of the most popular sports in the UK and Race events like Royal Ascot, The Grand National, The Cheltenham Festival and the Derby Festival grabs the attention of millions of punters around the globe. 

If you are new to this sport, it can be a little confusing when it comes to terminology. Do not worry, in this guide, we will introduce a basic overview of matched betting terminology, race types, Major horse race festivals, and Odds so that you that can you understand common terms or phrases that you may encounter when matched betting on a horse racing.

Horse Matched Betting Guide 2021 for Beginners

Basic Matched betting terminologies 

Backing - placing a bet on a specific outcome; for example, if you bet that Bolshoi Ballet (Horse) will win a race against all other runners, you have “backed” Bolshoi Ballet.

Laying – placing a bet against a specific outcome; so if you were to “lay” Bolshoi Ballet, you would be betting that Bolshoi Ballet will not win – i.e. Bolshoi Ballet loses the race.

Bonus bets
– Bookmakers offer bonus bets alongside normal sports betting bonuses, which are sometimes referred to as free bets.

Betting exchange
– It allows bettors to place back and lay bets effectively against one another.

OddsMatcher - OddsMatcher is very important if you are a beginner, as it goes through with bookmakers and exchanges to find close odds matches.  

Qualifying bet
- To get free bets you need to need to place a qualifying bet.

As Now you have gone through basic matched betting terminology, it's time to be aware of some of the major Horse Racing events or festivals. 

Some of the prestigious horse racing festivals in UK includes

  • Grand National
  • Glorious Goodwood
  • Royal Ascot
  • The Derby Festival
  • Cheltenham Festival

Types of Horse Races to bet upon?

Flat - It is a flat race where the horses sprint to finish.
Jump - It is a race where horses clear hurdles or fences. This type of race is known as Steeplechase.

Importance of Horse Racing Odds

Horse Racing Odds are most important when it comes to matched betting. A typical horse race has up to 5 to 20 runners and every horse has some odds to win. You need to check the odds for a particular horse that you want to bet upon. Suppose you want to back Bolshoi Ballet, check the Back odds on the Bookmakers website, and check the lay odds for the same horse on an exchange website. The closer the Back and lay Odds are the more profit you can earn from a bonus bet. (Get our experts advance at Profit squirrel on how to find the right odds)

Importance of SP (Starting Price) in Horse Racing

SP is nothing but the odds of a horse which is mostly determined by the Bookmakers. Many bookmakers offer ante-post betting on horse racing as soon as the opening declarations for a race are announced. Mark my words, never bet on starting price, because you will not know the actual odds thus it will be very tricky to accurately lay SP bets. Betting on the day of the race will ensure you see some action for your money, even if you do get shorter odds more often than not

Non-Runner and Rule 4 Deduction

The non-runner is a horse that withdraws before the race starts, if your bet is on a non-runner, both the bookie and the exchange will void your bets. Now let us suppose, If there is a non-runner after you placed your bet in such a scenario, the bookmaker and the exchange will reduce your back and lay odds respectively. When such a scenario happen this is called Rule 4 Deduction

Best Odds Guaranteed for Higher Profits in Horse Race

To achieve Best Odds Guaranteed you need to back a horse at a fixed odd which is relatively lower than the starting price at the beginning of the race, if your horse wins, the bookmakers pay you out at the higher starting odds rather than the odds you backed at. It means you can make more money from your bets isn't that great.

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Other tips maximize your horse betting profits

1) Do not place your bets too early. As we have discussed earlier never bet on Ante-pst, try to place your bets about 15 minutes before the race starts.

Look for high liquidity markets. L
iquidity is the amount of money waiting to be matched on a certain market. The higher the liquidity or number of people looking to bet, the easier it is to place your bets. So it’s advisable to wait until the liquidity rises before looking to put your bets on

Bet on Popular Events. 
It is always advisable to bet on a popular event as it ensures higher liquidity. Try to keep a calendar reminder for all the upcoming popular events.

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How to make easy money from Horse matched betting?

If you follow the above-said tips and techniques you will surely make a good profit, If you are still afraid of losing your money, you can take experts advice at Profit Squirrel.

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