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Great Ways to Plan Your Work Day

‘Work’… The word itself may sound like a day filled with little joy but it shouldn't have to feel like this. Make good use of your time and turn it into a productive day just by making a few improvements. Below is a suggested guide on how to improve your work day.

Below is a suggested guide on how to improve your work day.

Don’t miss breakfast

You’ve slept for hours, your body will wake up dehydrated and needing fuel to tackle the day. Having a balanced breakfast sets metabolism, sugar & salt levels for the rest of the day and gets you off to the right start. Get into the habit of never missing breakfast. 

Use an action book

Have columns for ‘today’s date’, ‘task’ and ‘deadline’. If you’re busy on the phone, or away from your desk, encourage other people to leave their requests in your book. This saves interruptions and it means their request is likely to be clear: no more wondering if you have their instructions right! 

What are you in control of and how much is reactive? (unforeseen requests and crises that you have no control over).

If you don’t know, consider doing a time log for two weeks to help you. Remember that you can only plan the proactive part of your day but you do need to allow time during the day for all those reactive tasks that are likely to come in.

Get your priorities and deadlines clear

Keep them in mind when you plan your day. Ask yourself why you are adding the task to the to-do list: is it because it must be done that day, or because you want to or feel you should do it?

Take breaks

Suggested every hour, get away from your workstation for a short break – you will notice a difference when you’re back. Constantly working can be unproductive and leave you feeling cranky.  On that note, pause for a minute and grab a glass of water….8 cups a day please, keep hydrated.

Early bird or night owl?

Plan to do the tasks that need your energy and creativity when you are at your best. If your natural siesta time is two o’clock in the afternoon, trying to focus on proofreading an important document will probably take you longer than when you are alert. For most people, mornings are the best time for concentrating on detailed tasks.

Group similar tasks to be done (such as phone calls) at the same time

This makes the process of completing the tasks easier since you are in that mode. And do one job at a time! 

Don’t forget why you’re doing all this

We work to spend time with our family and friends so make sure there’s time for them as well. If you’re working from home, take a break by dropping or collecting your kids from school – share lunch a friend or maybe a colleague.

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Jason Robertson

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I dedicate my spare time to making Matches so I can spoil my 3 little angels. A teacher from Merseyside, love cooking and reading. Liverpool's #1 fan!

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