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Earn Extra Profits from Each Way Bets in Matched Betting

Quite often it is asked what is the biggest source of profit is or from where the biggest win comes? The answer is, the biggest profit comes from Extra places on Each Way bets. The extra places betting technique is primarily applied to Horse racing and Golf. 

If you are new to matched betting and wonder how people make £1000 so fast well the answer is most of that money comes from the each-way bet. The best part about each way betting is that the maximum payouts are unlimited because you are not limited to the bookmaker's maximum payout. 

Suppose if you have £100 or £200 each way on higher odds, if they come on the extra place the bookmaker is offering, you make a massive profit. 

How does Each Way betting work?

To make higher profits we need to beyond the traditional techniques to play matched betting, Trust me guys, Each way betting is the best possible way to make that extra profit that too at minimal risk. You just need to evolve your strategies and diversify your ploy to place bets more smartly. 

Know let me tell you how this works, when a bookmaker is saying, normally we pay four places in this particular type of racing, and today we will be paying five places. Let us understand this with an example when the bookmaker offers this extra place, say four places being paid while in the exchange there also a place market for 4 places to be paid when you lay off that horse using the place market, it only covers those top 4 places but if that horse comes at 5th position where your lay bet doesn't cover but your back bet does cover, you will win both bookmakers bet and the lay stake as well. See the thing is you are not only winning the payout from the bookmaker for hitting that place but you will get your lay stake on top of that.

Now I suppose you understand how Each way bet works with an extra place but it is very vital to understand How to find each way bets, how much to place each way bet, How it will be paid, and most importantly how each way betting works in matched betting.

How to locate profitable Each way Bets?

You can use the Oddsmatcher tool to locate close each way matches, You can also check out our Forum where you can find suggestions for extra place close matches. You can also sign up at Profit Squirrel to unlock the right mechanism on how to make more profits from each way bets.

How to place Each Way Bets?

  • First, you need to make a selection and decide the amount of money you want to bet on.
  • Now place your win bet on the horse that you feel might finish at the 1st position.
  • Now make a place bet on the same horse to either win the event OR finish in one of the specified places. It can be 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th place as it depends on the Bookmaker.
  • If your selection finishes first, both the win and place parts of the bet will return a profit but if your horse fails to come first but finishes in one of the specified places that you have made the "PLACE Bet" in such a scenario you will lose the win part of your bet but PLACE part of the bet will give you a return.

Note: Each Bet must be an equivalent stake, For example, a £10 each way bet means your total stake is £20

How is an Each Way Bet Paid?

Let's understand this with an example if you had a £10 each way bet on a horse with odds of 20/1 (21.0) and it finishes third and the bookmaker are paying 1/4 odds your place odds are 20 divided by 4, 5/1 (6.0). So your return would be £60 and your profit would be £40

Different ways of Each Way Betting?

There are two ways to perform each way betting, the first way is to place the Each Way bet and lay it on the exchange while the second way is to go with "No Lay" style. If you are a beginner, you should always go with the first way as "No Lay" style is quite risky and there is a chance of losing all the money as we not laying anything we could lose straight 100 times and go bankrupt. 

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How each way betting works in matched betting?

Like we see back bets and Lay bets in matched betting, each way bet technique is also comprised of two bets though they are called a WIN bet and a PLACE bet. Laying the win bet is the same as we perform in normal matched betting, for the PLACE bet you need to look for the odds the bookmaker is paying on the place after doing so you need to find the place market at the exchange for this bet.

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