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Different Types of Matched Betting Reload Offers

All the matched betting punters heavily rely on sign-up or welcome offers. Once you use these welcome offers things get a little tense specifically if you are a beginner. Most of the punters leave matched betting since they don't know what to do next. Always remember when you run out of welcome offers, the matched betting reload offers come in for the rescue. Today in this guide, I will let you know the different types of matched betting reload offers you can go for.

What are reload offers in Matched Betting

Reload Offers are any form of promotion offered by a bookmaker or casino that is offered to an existing customer. Since the bookmakers want their customers to bet on their platform on a regular basis, they run promotional offers for their existing customers.

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Types of Matched Betting Reload Offers

Common Matched Betting Reload Offers

Bet X Get Y

A free bet is the most common form of reload offer.  In simple terms, you will Get X by Betting Y. It is the most common form of sign-up offer is also a regular reload offer too. These type of promotional offers helps to accumulate small amounts of profit on a regular basis.


2Ups is another reload offer which is quite my favorite. These 2ups offers are profitable but you may have to spend more time searching for suitable matches. These are hugely profitable because you can bet large stakes but remember will need oddsmatcher to compete. We advise you to use the Profit Squirrels Oddmatcher tool as it helps you to set up specific filters for 2ups.

Free Bet Clubs

This is one of the easiest ways to get free bets. All you need to do is place a certain number of bets each week to qualify. For Example at Betway, you need to place a bet of at least £25 on trebles and accumulators between 00:00 Saturday and 23:59 Friday when you do so you will get two £5 free bets isn't that great.

Price Boosts

Price Boosts is the easiest way to make a profit. With price boosts, the bookmaker temporarily raises the odds for an outcome so that they exceed the lay odds. Price boosts tip the scales significantly in your favour. All you have to do is lay off your bet at lower odds than you’ve backed.

Football Offers and Refunds

Football is one of the most popular sports and there are tons of matched betting reload offers available for it. These offers are consistent generators of profit for matched bettors.

Early Payout Offers

As per this offer, rather than needing to fully ‘win’ a qualifying bet, these special offers pay you out when you hit a certain threshold. For Example, you might bet on a team to win and if they go up by two goals at any point your profit will be locked in automatically.

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Bore Draw

Bore Draw money back offers are usually offered by the bookmakers, you get a free bet if something occurs in a game. For example, suppose you bet on a team to win but the game ends in a draw in such a scenario your stake will be refunded.

Goalscorer Refunds offer

Just like Bore Draw this is another triggered offer. What if I tell you, your stake will be refunded your losing first goalscorer bet scores second, or scores at any point in the game. Yes, many bookmakers offer refunds for such a scenario.

Double Delight or Hat-Trick Heaven Offers

As per this offer, many bookmakers payout at double or triple odds if your player manages to score two or three goals in a match. Though winning this offer is a bit difficult but if luck is on your side you can make a good profit.

Acca Insurance

Acca insurance offers are not that difficult, you need to bet on an Acca and if one team you have bet on loses, you receive your money back, either as cash or as a free bet. You can lay your accas on Smarkets which are pre-made or you can make your own.

All the above Football matched betting reload offers may not offer free bets but this will seriously help you to increase your bankroll

Horse Racing Offers and Refunds

If you want to earn a reload offer you should not miss Horse racing reloads or refund offers that are usually available on a daily by a vast number of bookmakers. Like Football matched betting reload offers, these may not earn you a free bet but they will help you recover some of your stakes which is very profitable over the long haul.

Money back offer

Money-back offers are one of the most common offers you can enjoy from the house of bookmakers. These offers can be in various forms like money back or free bet refund if your horse finishes in second place. There can be a money-back offer if your horse doesn't win. You can also take advantage of the money-back offer if your horse finishes second to the favorite.

Faller Insurance

If by any chance the horse falls that you have betted upon, in such a scenario you can get your stake back or earn a free bet though it depends on the promotion. 

Extra Places

Extra Places are one of the advanced forms of matched betting reload offers. let me tell you how this works, when a bookmaker is saying, normally we pay four places in this particular type of racing, and today we will be paying five places.

Let us understand this with an example when the bookmaker offers this extra place, say four places being paid while in the exchange there also a place market for 4 places to be paid when you lay off that horse using the place market, it only covers those top 4 places but if that horse comes at 5th position where your lay bet doesn't cover but your back bet does cover, you will win both bookmakers bet and the lay stake as well. See the thing is you are not only winning the payout from the bookmaker for hitting that place but you will get your lay stake on top of that.

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Casino Reloads

We have talked about sports reloads now it's time to take a look at Casino Reloads which be very profitable if you take it seriously. Please do not compete for casino offers if you don't have any experience. Since variances are associated with this we don't recommend casino offers for beginners.

We suggest you join Profit Squirrel if you want to have proper guidance regarding different Casino Offers. As an overview, we will let you know some of the common casino offers one can take advantage of.

Free Spins - it is great for beginners though chances to hit any big wins are very low.

Full Refund - In this type of offer, you will be able to opt-in to promotions like ‘£10 100% refund’ on the casino, meaning you can literally gamble £10 on slots and hope to win big

Cashback - Sometimes casino offers cashback on live casino games like blackjack and Roulette. If the percentage of cashback being offered is good it can turn out to be a great offer.

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