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Matched Betting FAQ's

Please read below to find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding matched betting should you be interested in learning how to make +£500 risk-free and tax-free every month.


Matched Betting FAQ's


How Is Matched Betting Risk-Free? - The answer is really quite simple. Let's say a bookmaker is offering a £30 free bet once you deposit and spend £10 with them. You bet on Team A to win (known as a Back bet) AND we bet on the Team A NOT to win (known as a Lay bet). Therefore whatever the result, you have covered all the outcomes so you break even. Now you have broke-even and qualified for the free £30. It's as easy as that!

What Is A Back Bet? – This is a bet placed on a bookmaker where you back a team (or person) to win. For example, Team A v Team B and you bet on Team A to win, if the match ends in Team B winning or a draw this bet will lose.

What Is A Lay Bet? – This is a bet placed on an exchange for a team to not win. For example, Team A v Team B. If we lay against Team A and the match ends with the home team winning this bet will lose.

What Will Happen If The Event Ends In A Draw? – Your lay bet wins. For example, if we back and lay Team A and Team A wins, your bet will win in your bookmaker account and your profits will go there. If the event ends in a draw, this counts as Team A not winning, so your lay bet will win and your money will go to the exchange.

In summary...
Team A wins: You win in your bookmaker account and lose in your exchange account.
Team A does NOT win: You win in your exchange account and lose in your bookmaker account.

Can I lose? - As long as you follow the tutorials correctly and you double check the terms and conditions of the offer, you won't lose money. You can lose money if you make a human error but let's try and avoid that. You might make a small mistake along the way but that's fine treat it as a learning and move on to the next opportunity to make a profit.

What Is A Qualifying Bet? – This is a bet you place in a bookmaker to qualify for their offer or free bet or refund. Most qualifying bets will make a small loss and are calculated on the Odds Calculator using bet type "Normal." As a general rule try not to concede no more than a 5% qualifying loss.

What Is A free bet? – Free bets are used to make risk-free profits from. On most betting sites this is given in the form of a credit (token) and not physical cash; however, by matching the free bet we turn free bets into a guaranteed profit. Majority of the free bets will be calculated as Stake Not Returned "SNR" in the odds calculator.

How To Switch From Fractional Odds To Decimal Odds - All betting sites will give you the option to switch from fractional to decimal prices (odds). It's quite easily to learn too...Divide the first number by the second number +1. For example 6/1: 6 ÷ 1 = 6, +1 = 7.

Can I Make £500 Every Month After Completing the Welcome Offers? - Absolutely, once you've learned how to create a match dive into the Daily Offers section in the member's area where you can get involved with the latest offers that are promoted to existing customers.

Where Does Most Of The Profits Come From? Football and Horse Racing events will create the most profit largely because there are several events occurring in these sports every single day.

Why Do We Always Lay Bet AFTER We Back Bet? Lay odds will change improve a lot closer to the event start time, normally from an hour of start time. This means we will get a closer match between the back and lay odds which will result in a smaller qualifying loss. Furthermore, betting exchanges will build up more availability (liquidity) as the event approaches too!

Best practice for laying bets (In an ideal world)
Football events: within 1 hour building up to event start time.
Horse racing events: within 30 minutes building up to event start time.
Greyhound racing events: within 5-10 minutes before the event start time as there's generally really low liquidity in exchanges before then.

What Does 1 X 2 Format Mean? – This is another way some bookmakers interpret 'Home Draw Away.' For example Team A v Team B

"1" = You're backing Team A to win, "X" = You're backing a draw and "2" = You're backing Team B to win.

What Is An Arbitrage bet?
An arb (or arbitrage bet) is when you spot the back odds being greater than the lay odds for an event. Arb opportunities are easily found on the odds matching software, under the rating column. Wherever you see a rating of 100% or greater; all of these events have greater back odds than the lay odds. Arbing will unlock risk-free profits without a free bet involved. For example, if you find an event with a match rating of 110% you will usually profit 10%, if the rating is 105% then your return is usually 5% etc.

Arbitrage betting will earn you a quick profit, however, bookmakers do not appreciate this very much as you are taking more value from them. It's recommended that you avoid arbing and only place a couple matches during high-profile horse racing events such as Royal Ascot or Grand National.


Before Joining Profit Squirrel - FAQ

Can Anyone Join Profit Squirrel?
To be a member you will need to be over the age of 18 and prove to have residency in the United Kingdom (UK). If you are currently living outside the UK then, unfortunately, you may not qualify for the majority of our tutorials and daily income offers.

How Much Time Does It Take To Earn £500 Per Month?
The more matches you create the more opportunity you have to unlock risk-free profits. As you work through the tutorials you will build up the right level of skills and experience required to make £500 every month. The average time it takes to complete a tutorial is 20 minutes. Can you spare 20 minutes to unlock a profit from each of our tutorials? Then this is great for you, let's get started!

Do I have to complete Every Tutorial To Know How To Make £500 Per Month?
Although every tutorial is created in a way to teach you something new each time and unlock profits, it is not compulsory to complete all of them. However, it's important that read every coaching guide as you'll learn everything you will need to know about making £500 every single month.

Is This Similar To Learning How To Trade Forex Or Binary Options?
Unlike learning to trade in forex markets or binary options, matched betting is risk-free and does not require a significant amount of money to start seeing results. Furthermore, matched betting is more focused on the sports market which is quite exciting as most people have a greater interest in sports than currency exchanges and options trading. 

How Much Money Do I Need To Deposit To Get Started?
This really depends on your current bankroll. If you would like to make money fast you will have to deposit often. However, if you're starting Profit Squirrel with a small bank that's perfectly fine as well, we're here to help build your bank, but it might be a slower process at first. For the first tutorial, you'll deposit around £40-50 and make around £20 guaranteed profit.

Do I Have To Sign Up To Bookmakers Myself?
That's correct. The more bookmakers you sign up with the more profit you will make because you will be able to take advantage of more offers.

I Already Have A Few Bookmaker Accounts, Will I Still Be Able To Make £500 Each Month?
Absolutely. The tutorials cover all the new customer sign-up offers and the daily offers section is populated with the latest offers for existing customers.

When Are The Daily Offers Available?
Daily offers are uploaded throughout the day, most of which are added in your member's area by 12 pm.

Do I Need To Invest More Money Than My Membership Fee To Make Money?
You will need to deposit money in bookmakers to unlock risk-free profits and can withdraw your money once you have completed each offer.

Can I Use Profit Squirrel Outside Of The UK?
You can use our services and continue to place bets outside the UK so long as you're connected to a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

How Does The Money Back Guarantee Work?
It's simple if you follow the tutorials and fail to make a profit in the first 30 days Profit Squirrel will refund your money and provide you wish £100 cash. To see if you are eligible for a full refund please read our terms of service.

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