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Get to know the staff: Chris Haill, Founder

‘Get to know the staff’ is Profit Squirrel’s way to introduce our amazing team to our equally amazing members. Here, our founder Chris tells us a bit more about his role and how his service is not only enabling members to make more money, but also transforming the lives of hundreds of people.

Tell us a bit more about your role at Profit Squirrel. What are you responsible for?
My role very much used to be about making sure the tutorials were accurate and that our members were learning Matched Betting the right way. Now I’m lucky to be surrounded by our great team, most of whom know more about Matched Betting than me! Most of my time now is spent making sure all areas of Profit Squirrel run smoothly, and that our members continue to get incredible service and feel delighted with their membership.

How did you first hear about Profit Squirrel and how did you get involved?
A good friend taught me Matched Betting several years ago, but the idea for Profit Squirrel came about in 2015. We thought that everyone who wanted to make extra money should be able to and that Matched Betting was a perfect way for everyone to do it.

What is your favourite part about working for Profit Squirrel?
Hearing the stories of our members is really special and makes everything we do worth it. Often they’re people who have never even placed a bet before and they’re now doing so on a regular basis, locking in a profit each time they do so.

So far, what has been your funniest moment at Profit Squirrel?
We’ve had a lot of them! It really is a fun office to be in. However, I would have to say David's speech at a team dinner a few months back. Poor guy, he had one too many drinks. As he ended his speech he threw his arm up in the air to toast and in doing so lost his balance and took a fine tumble backwards. Thankfully David was fine and I think he saw the funny side too, only it took him a minute or two to get his head around what had just happened. I think we stopped pouring the wine after that, although David had taken most of it with him!

Why would you encourage people to sign up?
Because what we teach really works! You really can make hundreds to thousands of pounds every single month and we will show you exactly how to do it. We’re the best there is at teaching people how to Match Bet and when you join, you’re not just subscribing to a service, you really are becoming a member of the Profit Squirrel family, and our support team will be with you every step of the way.

Inspired by Chris’s story? Join the Profit Squirrel community today. Sign up here!

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Catarina Demony

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