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Get to know the staff: Bobby Formella, Community Support Manager

‘Get to know the staff’ is Profit Squirrel’s way to introduce our amazing team to our equally amazing members. Here, 31-year-old Bobby Formella answers a few questions about his role as Community Support Manager and tells us about his hilarious first day at work.

Tell us a bit more about your role at Profit Squirrel. What are you responsible for?
I’m responsible for supporting members with all the right skills they need to start making profits right away. From answering questions before upgrading to Premium membership, right through to helping and advising our members on ways to boost their income.

How did you first hear about Profit Squirrel and how did you get involved?
I was really happy with my full-time job as a teacher but wasn't happy with my salary and lifestyle. I was working way too many hours, so I was on the hunt for a new position. A very close friend of mine told me about Profit Squirrel. She also joined to make money from home while being a mummy full-time. I joined right away and soon picked up on all the strategies that Profit Squirrel teach so well. After a few months, I was approached by Profit Squirrel and they offered me a full-time position. Now, I get to match while helping the community. Best decision I've ever made!

What is your favourite part about working for Profit Squirrel?
That's easy...the people. I'm surrounded by positive and caring people who are really motivated to make a real difference in people's lives.

So far, what has been your funniest moment at Profit Squirrel?
One of my earliest memories. I met some of the Profit Squirrel staff at one of their weekly socials two weeks before I started. It was all good until they tricked me into believing that I had to wear a full three piece suit on my first day. After two drinks you start to believe anything! So I turned up and the whole office broke down into hesterics. Thankfully I also saw the funny side, it is shorts and flip flops for me now - 7 days a week.

Why would you encourage people to sign up?
I do very little encouraging to be honest. I simply support people who really want to improve their finances. Most of the time when I hear about the reason why they want to join Profit Squirrel, it makes motivating and supporting members a lot easier as you know what their personal or financial goals are in life. I remember a student who graduated recently but didn't fancy working full-time and wished he could earn enough to support living in Thailand. Four months later, he booked a one-way ticket and continues to make a few hundred pounds every month and he is loving every day! That's pretty special. I guess I would encourage anyone to join Profit Squirrel if they are motivated to live more comfortably than they already are.

Inspired by Bobby’s story? Join the Profit Squirrel community today. Sign up here!

Catarina Demony

Catarina Demony

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Catarina has recently started her Masters in Global Conflict at the University of Aberdeen. She loves journalism, communications and anything related to social media. Currently, she works as the Managing Editor at the IPF, where she uses her skills to give a voice to young people from different backgrounds.

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