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A Great Way to Cover University Fees


  • Average student debt is up 15% on a year ago.
  • 77% of students are having to work to fund studies.
  • Students turn towards Profit Squirrel to earn while they study

The benefit of attending Univeristy enables you to specialise in field or subject that helps to provide the opportunity in landing yourself in a good for a career-minded job. Plus, meeting you friends, building relationships and the little things such as learning to cook for yourself and balancing a social/study lifestyle make you appreciate that University isn't just about education, it's also about bettering your personal development.

However, in recent years, students are forced to accept raising tuition fees which make it difficult to consider attending University. So, where does that leave the new generation of undergraduates?

In 2014, 59% of students had to work in order to fund their way through university compared to 57% in 2013. A slow yet challenging rise.

Three years of studying can result in better job prospects but leave many riddled with thousands of pounds of debt.
Some students fall into odd jobs such as medical trials, because, although dangerous, they're seen as a way to earn easy cash.

Research suggests that majority of working students have part-time jobs, and 14 percent have a full-time job, either during term-time, holidays or both.

Those working earn an average of £412 a month during term time. Working part-time hours also results in the opportunity cost of spending their time studying.

Just over half of students revealed they still rely on their parents to help them and nearly three-quarters use their student loan as their main source of income. Almost half of students use their overdraft to keep them afloat which isn’t a good start to the student’s bank account.

Students are turning toward Profit Squirrel to make money

Profit Squirrel is ideal for students. By spending one hour per day every student can earn +£500 every month online – compared to the average part-time wage and the hours working it's the smarter and easier option.

As more students take advantage of Profit Squirrel; most traditional methods of getting through university are becoming less relevant.
 Nationally recognised sources such as student website have helped thousands on students become aware of this method and Profit Squirrel shows just how easy it is.

Just 1 hour per day can earn students +£500 tax-free every month. 
If you’re a student in need of extra money, join Profit Squirrel today and earn money online with ease, helping you to stay focused on achieving the academic results you need whilst never having to worry about money.

Jason Robertson

Jason Robertson

Community support member

I dedicate my spare time to making Matches so I can spoil my 3 little angels. A teacher from Merseyside, love cooking and reading. Liverpool's #1 fan!

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6 years ago

Shared this article with my little brother who's starting Uni in sept - hopefully he'll graduate will a lot less debt, or at the very least not have to worry about covering his food and bills! Pot noodles anyone?!

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