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Best Betting Exchange with High Liquidity and Low Commission Rate in 2021

No matched betting can be done without a Betting Exchange if you are new to matched betting and looking for some of the very best Betting Exchanges in the UK you have come to the right place. 

Betting Exchange is like Bookmakers but it functions differently, it enables the punters to place a lay bet (Which means you can place a bet on the losing side). This article will share with you some of the best betting exchange sites, pros, and cons with their detailed comparisons.

Top Ranked Betting Exchange in UK 2021 for Beginners

If you are a beginner you can look out for these below-mentioned betting exchanges. 


Betfair is one of the best and widely used betting exchanges in the United Kingdom. API system and integrated trading tools are quite useful.


  • The liquidity is high in comparison to other betting exchanges
  • It covers most of the sports and markets which includes football and Horse racing markets
  • Betfair's API System enables the development of many professional betting programs. 
  • It offers Betfair Points which can be used towards a commission discount rate.


  • The top commission rate is set at 5% while the bottom is at 2% (paid on winning bets)
  • Often criticized for introducing this confusing scheme
  • Betfair often implicates a premium charge of 20% on their acquired winnings on the most successful traders.

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Smarkets is another renowned betting exchange in the UK. It does offer a modern, fairer way to bet and trade on sports, politics, and current affairs.


  • It charges a commission rate of 2% on all winning bets (you can get 1% but it relies on huge stakes to be placed).
  • It offers interesting graphical insights and charts as well as a dedicated blog


  • It has less liquidity in comparison to Betfair.
  • It has captured less market and sports in comparison to its competitors.
  • The API system is not publicly available.


Like any other betting exchange, Ladbrokes offers a platform where individuals can place a bet against each other. Ladbrokes acquired BetDaq in 2013, that time BetDaq was one of the main competitors to Betfair with around a 7% share of the online betting market.


  • Liquidity is decent in comparison to other competitors.
  • It is one of the 2nd largest betting exchanges in the UK after Betfair.
  • No Premium charge is applied to the highest-earning traders
  • It does offer public API


  • It charges a commission rate of 5% on all winning bets (if you acquire 12,000 Exchange Commission Points, you can enjoy a lower fee of 2%)
  • It captures fewer sports and markets in comparison to Betfair which is one of its arch-rivals.
  • It offers fewer promotions in comparison to Betfair


Matchbook has earned a name over some time, its popularity has grown after being acquired by a group of investors in 2011 though it was formed back in 2004.


  • Dominant markets on Matchbook are American sports such as NFL, NBA, and MLB.
  • It charges a commission rate of 2% on all winning bets to customers in the UK.
  • It has an excellent user-friendly interface, redesigned event pages that provide seamless navigation.
  • It offers 2-factor authentication for enhanced security.


  • It has fewer markets and Sports in comparison to other Betting exchanges.
  • Since it is less popular, it has less liquidity in comparison to Betfair and Ladbrokes.
  • No API system is publicly available.

How to choose a good betting exchange for matched betting?

If you are new to matched betting, you should always check the reliability, Usability, Commission rate, market range, and liquidity of the betting exchange

Betfair, Smarkets, and Ladbrokes are some of the best reliable options when it comes to matched betting. These are well-established companies and are working for a long period of time. These companies do have a huge consumer base which reflects the reliability of these betting exchanges.

Usability is another factor that you can't overlook, Betting exchanges should always be easier to navigate. The platform should always be user-friendly for a flawless betting experience. Betfair and Ladbrokes do offer simple UI which is easy to use and navigate.

Besides reliability and usability, the most important aspect of a betting exchange is the market range and liquidity, bigger the market range more the options to bet on, Betfair covers almost all the sporting events while Smarkets, BETDAQ, and Matchbook have a huge range, but can’t cover some of the smaller events. Liquid-filled markets are always good for matched betting, Betfair does have superior liquidity in comparison to other competitors. 

If you are a beginner and don't want to shed your money on high commission you can look out for alternatives like Smarkets and Matchbook which offer 2% commission rates.

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