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Best Alternatives to Matched Betting in 2021

Matched Betting is the best way to make an online income and there is no doubt it. The popularity has increased over the few years, as everyone wants to make a good income without investing much time and effort. As we all know matched betting is all about taking advantage of a variety of free bets offered by a bookmaker to guarantee a profit.

Unfortunately, people lose interest in matched betting once they take advantage of free bets and offers. People often find it difficult to search for new free bets and offers. We have compiled a list of alternatives to matched betting that you can look out for. These alternatives or strategies will help you to make a good amount of money gambling sites. 

Best Alternatives to Matched Betting in 2021

Arbitrage Betting

If you want to switch from matched betting, you can surely go for arbitrage betting, which is similar to matched betting. Arbitrage bet in sports betting is an activity where you simultaneously place bets on all possible outcomes of an event at odds that guarantee a profit, whatever the result of the event will be. You do not use free bets or offers instead you take the advantage of odds.

Arbitrage betting or better known as Arbing is only possible when there is a discrepancy between odds that allow a profit to be made by covering all outcomes. 

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Each Way Betting

Each way Bet is more intuitive than standard Arbitrage, as it involves locking in a guaranteed profit from the place market. Each-way betting or EW is usually done on horse racing. Each way bet is a bet made up of two parts, a WIN bet and a PLACE bet. Two bets of equal amounts are made; the first on a selection (horse) to win and the second on the same selection to place. A ‘win’ obviously means that the horse finishes the race first. The ‘place’ means that it finishes in any of the top positions

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Value Betting 

If you are a sports enthusiast you can also go for Value Betting. The key to successful sports betting is obtaining value on every bet. Value betting is when you bet on an outcome that a bookmaker has underestimated. In simple terms, value betting means betting when you regard the risk: reward ratio as being heavily in your favor.

Some of the bookmakers are very updated and accurate with their odds than others. These bookmakers with accurate odds are referred to as sharp bookmakers. You can use odds from sharp bookmakers to compare odds at other bookmakers who are also known as soft bookmakers. Winning is not certain as you’re not covering all the possible outcomes but if you are a good observer and have a good knowledge of the game and the team you are betting upon you can make a good amount of money.

Casino Bonuses and Offers

Casino Promotions are NOT risk-free, but they are very valuable. These days, most of the casino offers a bonus for joining as a new player but may have wagering requirements. Since these Casino games are not risk-free and there is no guarantee to win you should always look out for casinos that offer bonuses without wagering requirements. As there will be no restrictions or obligations you can keep everything you win. 

Check some of the Best Casino Sites with no Wagering Requirements

Betfair Casino

At Betfair Casino can enjoy a no deposit bonus with no wagering as soon as you sign up in the form of free spins. You will also get 50 free spins if you make and bet the first deposit of £10.

William Hill Casino

A top no wagering slots bonus is available for UK players at William Hill. You can enjoy a no deposit bonus with no wagering for 50 free spins.

Paddy Power Games

Paddy Power Games is one of the best when it comes to offering free spins. You will get 100 free spins with no wagering criteria. If you make and bet the first deposit of £10 you can again enjoy 100 free spins with no wagering.

PokerStars Casino

PokerStars does offer 50 free spins with no wagering at the time of signup. You just need to create and verify a new account. If you spend £10 you will get 100 free spins with no wagering.

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